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Gifts & Grants

Recent Acquisitions: Percy MacKaye Family Photographs

Recent Acquisitions: Unknown Roman, St. Francis Borgia,  about 1700

Recent Acquisitions: Thirty-Three Prints by Grace Albee

Recent Acquisitions: Charles Fairfax Murray, The Triumph of Love, 1870s

Hood Quarterly, autumn 2007

Charles Fairfax Murray was a close associate of Edward Burne-Jones (1833– 1898), one of the leading so-called Pre-Raphaelite artists active in England in the late nineteenth century. They advocated a revival of interest in medieval art and subject matter, a rebellion against conventional ideas and academic styles, and an assertion of the importance of emotion over intellect.

Recent Acquisitions: Edgar Degas, On Stage III, 1876–77

Recent Acquisitions: Lotte Jacobi, Hans Albers, 1930

Hood Quarterly, autumn 2007

From four generations of photographers, Lotte Jacobi took over her father’s Berlin photographic studio in 1927. She became one of the best-known photographers in Germany, particularly noted for her portraits of celebrities and artists. In 1935 she was forced to flee Nazi Germany and opened a studio and gallery in New York City, where she continued to pursue portraiture while freelancing as a photographer for Life magazine.

Philip H. Greene Donates California Watercolors, 1930–60

Hood Quarterly, autumn 2007
Barbara J. MacAdam, Jonathan L. Cohen Curator of American Art

New Friends for A Space for Dialogue

Hood Quarterly, summer 2007
Brian Kennedy, Director

Modern Art Highlights Return to Lathrop Gallery

Hood Quarterly, summer 2004
Katherine Hart, Barbara C. and Harvey P. Hood 1918 Curator of Academic Programming

Recent Acquisitions: A Gift of mid-19th century American Drawings

Hood Quarterly, autumn 2003

In mid-nineteenth-century America, drawing was an important skill enjoyed by many amateur women and schoolgirls, particularly those privileged to study at private female academies. Along with music, needlework, and fine penmanship, the ability to draw conveyed one’s proper education and appreciation for beauty—qualities highly valued in a prospective wife, mother, or future teacher.


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