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  • fish* finds fish and fishhook

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Try singular terms:

  • basket, not baskets

Keyword Search Information

For best results, use one word:

  • bandolier
  • sculpture
  • Wabanaki

Use AND for combinations:

  • print AND dance
  • basket AND spruce AND Tlingit

Use * for partial matches:

  • fish* (finds fish basket and fishhook)

Use plain quotes " with * for phrases:

  • "*seed jar*"

Use plain quotes for exact phrases and full names:

  • "pipe bag"
  • "Julia Ann Mell"

When combining a phrase with a single term, the phrase must come first:

  • "*seed jar*" AND Nampeyo

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One-word searches work best

AND, OR, and quotes do not work with advanced search

Use * for partial matches:

  • fish* (finds fish and fishhook)

Use * with phrases:

  • *redbud bark*

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  • *Fort Yukon\, Alaska*