John Reynolds

Lead Museum Preparator
John Reynolds. Photo by Alison Palizzolo.


John R. Reynolds joined the museum more than eight years ago. He is well versed in all aspects of art handling, packing for transport, storage techniques, exhibition installation, mount making and the proper lighting of artworks. He has a 25-year history as a professional preparatory, coming from a background in fine arts. For more than 17 years, John was a preparator and then an exhibition designer at the Worcester Art Museum. His professional training includes design workshops at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, matting and hinging and art transport workshops at the National Gallery, and several types of workshops at the Williamstown Conservation Lab. In April 2012, John attended the Preparation, Art Handling, and Collections Care Information Network’s second annual conference at the Getty Villa Museum in Los Angeles.  

Contact Information

603-646-3775 HB 6034
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