Museum and Residential Life Collaborate

During the 2019-2020 academic year, the Hood Museum collaborated with all six of the Dartmouth housing communities.

Upon entering their first year, every Dartmouth student is assigned membership to a residential house. Houses promote intellectual engagement and community by increasing student access to faculty and resources and provide students continuity in their residential experience. We were thrilled to collaborate with so many housing communities this past year. 

North Park, South, and East Wheelock Houses co-sponsored a dinner with artists Will Wilson and Kali Spitzer during their residency for the winter exhibition CIPX Dartmouth. School House hosted one of their weekly teas at the museum (complete with sushi and sketching activities), and House Professor Craig Sutton hosted a dinner and discussion with Marianne Hirsch and Leo Spitzer, co-curators of School Photos and Their Afterlives. Allen House came to the museum for a tour of contemporary Native American photography with DAMLI Curatorial Fellow Morgan Freeman.

West House students going to Maine for an alternative spring break trip came to the museum for a pre-orientation session. We also partnered with West House to host an intramural game for all housing communities, using the Hood Museum's recently created Assyrian Relief Escape Room Challenge as the point of competition.

Additionally, we were able to work with a few Living Learning Communities (LLCs) and teams of undergraduate advisors (UGAs) that serve different housing communities. Entrepreneurship and Foley House LLCs came by for a tour of Reconstitution and the student-curated Space for Dialogue show Vision 2020: What Do You See?. The winter UGA teams who served first-year students of South and Allen Houses and UGA of the Native American House came by for an in-gallery bonding activity during one of their weekly meetings.

These collaborations have taken place inside the museum, out on campus, and more recently even online, allowing us to cultivate a vibrant community around the Hood Museum that extends beyond our physical building. Integrating the museum with the student residential experience underscores that the museum is an accessible place and a place that can feel like home. We look forward to welcoming students back soon.

Written by Isadora Italia, Campus Engagement Coordinator


Written June 03, 2020