Intern Spotlight: Interview with Kensington Cochran '20

Kensington Cochran, Conroy Intern for programming, talks about her experience as a Hood Senior Intern. 

What does your internship at the Hood Museum entail?

My job as a Programming Intern is to bring groups of Dartmouth students into the museum that may not otherwise walk in on their own accord, and to design intentional, impactful interactions with the objects in the collection.

Why were you interested in a Hood Museum internship?

Nothing makes me happier than being around art and art people. This internship seemed like the perfect opportunity to spend my senior year engaging with things that bring me joy, while simultaneously allowing me to further develop my art historical skillset.   

What is the topic of your Space for Dialogue exhibition and why did you choose it?

The title of my Space for Dialogue exhibition is The Soul Has Bandaged Moments. The exhibition draws on four years of my Neuroscience research on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, allowing me to explore the complementary processes of art and science. While my research is part of a 70-year long journey to develop a pharmaceutical treatment for PTSD, the artistic process has already proven to reverse the neurochemical symptoms of PTSD. The process of curating this Space for Dialogue was both humbling and inspiring, as I realized that art often solves what science still struggles to explain.

What was your first encounter with the Hood Museum?

My first encounter with the old Hood Museum was when I visited Dartmouth's campus as a junior in high school. It has been an amazing opportunity to be a student during the Hood's time of transition and watch the drastic evolution of its curatorial and educational focus during my four years at Dartmouth.

If you could borrow one object from the Hood Museum's collection to display in your home, what would it be?

The Other Shore by Enrique Martínez Celaya. I love his work.

What five words best describe your internship experience at the Hood Museum? 

Invigorating, joyful, educational, eye-opening, fulfilling


Written May 01, 2020