Community of Learners: Spring 2015

Posted on April 17, 2015 by Web Services Editor

Hood Quarterly, spring 2015

Our Senior Interns
Olivia Field, Class of 2015, Public Relations, Katherine Conroy Intern

The 2014–15 senior interns for the Hood Museum of Art have embarked on a journey through the behind-the-scenes world of museums.

Our curatorial interns, Elissa Watters, Bay Lauris ByrneSim, and Laura Dorn, have been hard at work on upcoming exhibitions: researching, writing labels, helping with exhibition design, and making sure the exhibitions are ready to go on opening day. Alex Johnson and Taylor Payer, our programming interns, have helped organize successful events throughout the year, from student study nights to tours and performances, promoting exhibitions as well as the museum as a whole. Adria Brown and Singer Horse Capture, the IMLS Special Project Interns, are working on the digitization of our Native American collection: researching and curating the collection, and helping to design its upcoming Web forum.

And I, as the public relations intern, have been working to make sure that everyone, and especially the student body, knows about all of the exhibitions and events mentioned above. From social media to posters, T-shirts to the article you are reading, I have tried to utilize every outlet to make sure that the Hood is heard.

To understand the workings of the Hood beyond our own departments, we participate in a weekly seminar in which we learn about various aspects of the museum. Every week we hear a different speaker, from curators to the director. These seminars are an opportunity for us to understand how the museum works as a whole and how the different departments come together to accomplish their goals.

We also get to experience that process first-hand through our Space for Dialogue shows. Most interns create an exhibition, drawn from the museum's extensive collection. This year's series began with Bay Lauris ByrneSim's installation and brochure on artists' use of emblematic figures and social commentary.

Hood senior internships have offered us unprecedented access to the internal workings of the museum while giving us the opportunity to leave our marks upon it. So keep an eye out for us, and for our projects. We'll see you at the Hood!


Written April 17, 2015 by Web Services Editor