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Auto-Graphics: Works by Victor Ekpuk

This annotated list of web resources may be used to help you and your students learn more about looking at and making meaning from this type of art.

  • Websites

    This list of web resources will allow you and your students to learn more about contemporary artist Victor Ekpuk. These websites provide information on Ekpuk’s artistic practice and the inspiration behind his work that might help deepen your experience in the galleries.

    Victor Ekpuk's website includes images of Ekpuk’s work, an artist’s statement, CV, and news articles reviewing Ekpuk’s artwork. There are also YouTube videos in which Ekpuk shares his process with viewers.
    The Studio Visit presents an interview and a studio visit with Victor Ekpuk.
    The Smithsonian National Museum of African Art describes what nsibidi is and how it is used in both traditional and contemporary art.
    An article from the magazine Contemporary And explores the role of memory in Ekpuk’s work.
    This article from Seeds and Fruit includes an interview with Ekpuk, as well as a series of images of Ekpuk’s work.
    This YouTube video shows Ekpuk working on a site-specific, ephemeral wall drawing at the Arkansas Art Center in October 2014.