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A docent-led tour of the exhibition "Eric Aho: Ice Cuts."


Saturday, January 30, 2016


Hood Museum of Art


Hood Museum of Art

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Vermont-based artist Eric Aho’s series of Ice Cut paintings is inspired by the hole cut in the ice in front of a Finnish sauna, an aspect of Finnish culture that Aho’s family has maintained to this day. Intended for an icy immersion following the heat of the sauna, the avanto, as it is called in Finnish, underscores and personalizes the inherent contrasts in nature. Aho began the Ice Cuts series nine years ago, making one painting a year of the dark void produced by the act of sawing into the thick ice. This exhibition is the first to concentrate on the Ice Cuts paintings he has created to date. The central abstract form in these compositions provides the structure for experimentation with paint texture, surface, and subtly nuanced color, lending these frozen scenes both an austere beauty and a particular vibrancy. This exhibition brings together the major paintings in the series to date and smaller, related works on paper to offer unique insight into the artistic process.

This exhibition was organized by the Hood Museum of Art and generously supported the Philip Fowler 1927 Memorial Fund and the Ray Winfield Smith 1918 Memorial Fund.

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Image caption: Eric Aho, Ice Cut (1933), 2012, oil on linen. Courtesy of the artist and DC Moore Gallery. © Eric Aho. Photo by Rachel Portesi.

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