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Community of Learners

Community of Learners: We Bid Farewell to Lesley Wellman

Community of Learners: Autumn 2015

Community of Learners: Creating Effective Educational Resources for the Native American Collections

Engineering Students Work with 3-D Renderings of Hood Objects

Community of Learners: Winter 2015

Many Participate at the Hood Museum of Art

Hood Quarterly, winter 2015

Community of Learners: Autumn 2014

Reaching People with Alzheimer's and Dementia through Art

Hood Quarterly, autumn 2014

Community of Learners: Summer 2014

Community of Learners: Adult Workshops

Membership Matters: Lathrop Fellows

Hood Quarterly, winter 2014

This fall, the Lathrop Fellows, a special patron group of the Hood Museum of Art, went to London for their annual trip (which is a benefit available to all members of the museum at the Lathrop Fellows level or above). Led by Hood Director Michael Taylor, this four-day excursion included visits (some behind the scenes) to some of London’s finest museums, opportunities to meet and learn from the directors and curators of those collections, and a visit to a private collection.

Community of Learners: Dartmouth Student Interns and Curators


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