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Lateral Thinking: A Director’s Viewpoint

An Interview with Hugh Davies, The David C. Copley Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

Hood Quarterly, winter 2004
Derrick R. Cartwright, Director, Hood Museum of Art, and Hugh Davies, The David C. Copley Director, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

Interview conducted September 17, 2003

Recent Acquisitions: Louis-Léopold Boilly, Young Woman Reading in a Landscape, 1798

Hood Quarterly, autumn 2003

Louis-Léopold Boilly (1761–1845) first established his reputation as an accomplished portraitist and genre painter at the Paris Salon exhibitions during the French Revolution (1789–99). The painting that brought him his greatest success was the Gathering of Artists in Isabey’s Studio exhibited in the 1798 Salon (and now in the Musée du Louvre).

Face to Face: Pompeo Batoni’s Portraits of Lord Dartmouth and Robert Clements

Hood Quarterly, autumn 2003
T. Barton Thurber, Curator of European Art

Hands-on Learning About Life in Ancient Greece: The Friends’ House

Hood Quarterly, autumn 2003
Lesley Wellman, Curator of Education

Coming of Age in Ancient Greece: Images of Childhood from the Classical Past

Hood Quarterly, autumn 2003
Derrick R. Cartwright, Director

We know a great deal about the lives of men in ancient Greece, and something about the secluded existence of women. Information about children's lives, though, is largely missing. What scholars do know has been pieced together from surviving written texts—chance literary references, writings by ancient philosophers on education and upbringing, and fragmentary inscriptions on monuments and gravestones. 

Recent Acquisitions: Pierre Daura, Boats by the Ebro, 1929

Hood Quarterly, summer 2003

Pierre Daura (1896–1976) was born in Minorca, Spain, and spent most of his youth in Barcelona, where he studied art with Pablo Picasso’s father. He moved to Paris in 1914, painting and drawing in the European center of Bohemian artist life for the next fifteen years.

Diary of a Recent Acquisition: Juan Muñoz’s Figure Hanging from One Foot

Hood Quarterly, spring 2003
Derrick R. Cartwright, Director

Derrick Cartwright recalls the complexities of acquiring the Hood's most recent work of art. Juan Muñoz's Figure Hanging from One Foot is currently on display in the main stairway of the Hood Museum of Art; plans to install the work in the museum's Bedford Courtyard are also underway.


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