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Academic Programming

Community of Learners: Summer 2014

Experiential Learning through the Visual Arts: Developing Essential Knowledge for Life

Hood Quarterly, summer 2014
Lesley Wellman, Hood Foundation Curator of Education

Experiential Learning from Classroom to Exhibition: Faculty and Students in the Hood Museum of Art

Hood Quarterly, spring 2014
Katherine Hart, Senior Curator of Collections and Barbara C. and Harvey P. Hood Curator of Academic Programming

Community of Learners: Dartmouth Student Interns and Curators

Spotlight on Teaching with the Collections

Cubism and Its Legacy

Hood Quarterly, autumn 2013
Sarah Powers, Curator for Special Projects

Finding Carlos Sanchez

Hood Quarterly, summer 2013
Jessica Womack ’14

Event Recap: Teaching Museums in the Twenty-First Century: Moving Our Practice Forward

Hood Quarterly, summer 2013
Juliette Bianco, Assistant Director

Alumni Voices: A Space for Dialogue and the Hood Internship Program

Hood Quarterly, summer 2013
Amelia Kahl ’01, Coordinator of Academic Programming

Welcome to the 2012–13 Hood Interns!


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