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Community of Learners: Autumn 2015

Students and a teacher gathered around artwork at the Hood Museum

Images and ArtStart students explore works of art in the museum and create their own art in the studio.

Hood Quarterly, autumn 2015

This fall marks the thirtieth anniversary of the Hood Museum of Art and the thirty-fifth anniversary of one of its foundational education programs: the Images multiple-visit program, which has served approximately thirteen thousand regional school children since its 1980 inception. Images is offered for students in grades 4 through 6 and brings each group to the museum six times during the school year. Each visit includes time in the museum where students learn from and discuss original works of art with a professional museum educator. Afterward, in the studio, students create their own works of art using artistic processes and concepts explored in the museum. In 1987, a similar program, called ArtStart, was founded for younger students in grades 1 through 3 who visit the museum four times during the year. Over the past twenty-eight years, ArtStart has served approximately four thousand regional elementary school children. Images and ArtStart provide students with an extraordinary experiential learning opportunity. Through engaging with, learning from, and responding to art created in diverse cultures, their understanding and appreciation of the history, customs, beliefs, and artistic traditions of peoples from around the world increases. As they engage with works of art, students develop visual literacy skills as well as other fundamental life skills, such as reflection, imagination, and creative and critical thinking. When teachers who bring their classes to participate in these programs reflect on their value to their students, they say things such as: “I am always impressed to see how they become more comfortable over the year in expressing their ideas about art. They become more observant, and I see that follow into other subject areas.” Student comments also reflect their confidence and enthusiasm: “I love the Hood. When I go there, I feel like a whole new world of art just opens up.” As we mark these institutional milestones, we want to hear from alumni of our art education programs. Please share your recollections from your visits to the museum’s galleries and studio by emailing [email protected] or calling (603) 646-2808.

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