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Alma-Tadema and Antiquity

Imagining Classical Sculpture in Late-Nineteenth-Century Britain

June 28, 2008, through September 28, 2008
In conjunction with exhibitions in Naples, Italy, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, the Hood Museum of Art has developed a focused display centered on its most important nineteenth-century European, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema's (1836-1912) The Sculpture Gallery of 1874.  While other venues emphasize the importance of the painting in the context of the artist's nostalgia for the past (the Museo Archeologico Natzionale in Naples) and the legacy of Pompeii and the Roman villa (the National Gallery of Art and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art), the Hood's "dossier exhibition" highlights the originality of the subject and its complex construction.
This exhibition was generously funded by the Harrington Gallery Fund.
Curated by T. Barton Thurber, Curator of European Art
Hood Museum