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November 2, 2015
Julissa Llosa ’10, Homma Family Curatorial Intern, gives a gallery talk on her A Space for Dialogue installation, Riot: Feminist Protest Art. Photo by Alison Palizzolo.

Since 2001, the Hood Museum of Art has mounted an ongoing series of student-curated mini-exhibitions drawn from the museum’s collections. A Space for Dialogue is a unique aspect of the museum’s senior internship program. Mentored by museum staff, the interns perform independent research, select objects to exhibit, develop their own interpretive strategies, and express their ideas in their own voices. They write descriptive labels, work with Hood staff to design the...

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April 17, 2015
Our Senior Interns - Community of Learners

Hood Quarterly, spring 2015

Our Senior Interns
Olivia Field, Class of 2015, Public Relations, Katherine Conroy Intern

The 2014–15 senior interns for the Hood Museum of Art have embarked on a journey through the behind-the-scenes world of museums.

Our curatorial interns, Elissa Watters,...

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January 1, 2014

Hood Quarterly, winter 2014

For more than twenty-eight years, the Hood Museum of Art has offered internships to Dartmouth students entering their senior year. Students from all majors and backgrounds are encouraged to apply for positions that focus on curatorial, programming, and public relations work within the museum. This year we are delighted to have participating in the program six interns who bring a wide range of perspectives and knowledge to...

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June 1, 2013

Hood Quarterly, summer 2013
Amelia Kahl ’01, Coordinator of Academic Programming

For over ten years, students have been curating exhibitions at the Hood Museum of Art through the program titled A Space for Dialogue: Fresh Perspectives on the Permanent Collection from Dartmouth’s Students. These small, focused installations greet visitors as they enter the museum and immediately demonstrate the Hood’s deep commitment to...

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March 1, 2013

Hood Quarterly, spring 2013
Jane Cavalier ’14

Since my freshman year, the Hood Museum of Art has been the cornerstone of my intellectual experience at Dartmouth. The synergy between my interests in research, analysis, and the criticism of art is grounded in curatorial work. Currently working as a junior and senior curatorial intern with Director Michael Taylor, I appreciate this rare opportunity to explore my interests and contribute my own...

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March 1, 2013

Hood Quarterly, winter 2013

Each year the museum hires Dartmouth seniors to work as curatorial and programming interns. The five interns hired for the 2012-2013 academic year are Gwendolyn Tetirick, Programming, The Kathryn Conroy Intern; Caroline Liegey, Programming, Levinson Intern; Jane Cavalier,...

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September 15, 2012
Claire Hunter '12

Curatorial, Mellon Special Project

About Claire

Despite the fact that she is a Classics major, Claire has always had an interest in museums and art. When she heard of the Hood Museum of Art internship program, she was excited about having the opportunity to collaborate and work closely with a curator on exhibitions and acquisitions. Her time at the Hood has reaffirmed her feelings that she would like to pursue a career in art museum education. Before pursing her ambition, Claire...

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June 6, 2012
Francie Middleton '12

Curatorial, Homma Family Intern

About Francie

As an art history major, Francie Middleton clearly loves art. So it's no surprise that she found herself at the Hood as one of the student curatorial interns. She says, "The student senior internship program at the Hood seemed like an unparalleled opportunity to work closely with senior staff members, learn about all facets of working in a museum, and have the opportunity to curate my own show through the Space for Dialogue ...

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April 27, 2012
Kayla Gilbert '12

Programming, Homma Family Intern

About Kayla

Although Kayla, a Studio Art major and Digital Art minor, is already an artist, she always looks for ways to further explore her appreciation of the act of creation. Kayla applied to be an intern at the Hood Museum of Art in the hopes of focusing on art from a variety of perspectives and sharing her appreciation with students at Dartmouth so that they too can see what an "untapped wonder" the Hood is. Besides being open to continuing a career in an art museum, Kayla also wishes to pursue a career as an artist or animator....

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March 1, 2012

Hood Quarterly, spring 2012

The Hood staff is very excited about the diverse and accomplished group of individuals who have been contributing to the museum’s efforts this year. The internship program provides opportunities for Dartmouth seniors from all majors to engage with museum work in various professional capacities.

Senior internships are offered in three main fields: curatorial, programming, and public relations. Curatorial interns research objects, write labels and brochures, and assist with all other...

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