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The Hood Museum of Art’s ambitious publishing program ranges from book-length studies of collection areas and Hood traveling exhibitions to numerous brochures and gallery guides, including our special A Space for Dialogue: Fresh Perspectives on the Permanent Collections from Dartmouth’s Students series, now numbering over eighty brochures. Our publications reflect the thriving scholarly community that intersects with the Hood collections on an ongoing basis, comprised of the curatorial staff, Dartmouth faculty and students, and colleagues and researchers from other institutions. The Hood has published over fifty books and numerous brochures in the past twenty years.

January 2002

Essay by Katherine Hart, interview with Mel Kendrick by Elyse Goldberg

2002, 48 pages

2HB-45 paper, ISBN# 0-944722-24-5, $20.00


January 2001

T. Barton Thurber and Adrian W. B. Randolph

2001, 80 pages, 2HB-44 paper, ISBN# 0-944722-23-7, $9.95 

January 2000

Essays by David Sims, organized by the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

2000, 10 pages, 2HB-58 brochure, $3.00


January 1999

Foreword by Timothy Rub, acknowledgments by Barbara MacAdam, essays by Barbara MacAdam

1999, 84 pages, 2HB-12 paper, ISBN# 0-944722-22-9, $25.00

January 1998

Preface and acknowledgments by Timothy Rub, essay by Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann, essays on selected works by

Juliette M. Bianco, Jane L. Carroll, Katherine W. Hart, Kelly Pask, and David R. Smith

1998, 120 pages

2HB-7 paper, ISBN# 0-944722-21-0, $25.00

2HB-8 cloth, ISBN# 0-944722-21-0, $40.00

January 1998

Foreword by Timothy Rub, acknowledgements by Amy Schlegel, regional artists

1998, 32 pages, 2HB-3 paper, ISBN# none, $7.00

January 1997

Richard Rand with the assistance of Juliette M. Bianco; contributions by Mark Ledbury, Sara Maza, Anne L. Schroder,

Richard Rand, Virginia Swain

1997, 220 pages

2HB-4 paper, ISBN# 0-691016-62-3, $35.00

2HB-5 cloth, ISBN# 0-691016-63-1, $65.00

January 1995

Essays by Keith N. Morgan, Maureen O’Brien, Erica Hirshler, Rebecca Davidson, Deborah Gardner, Barbara MacAdam

Publishing partner: University Press of New England

1995, 216 pages, 2HB-37 cloth, ISBN# 0-874517-05-2, $50.00

January 1995

Preface by Timothy Rub, essays by Richard Rand, Curator of European Art, and John Varriano, Professor of Art at Mount

Holyoke College

1995, 96 pages, 2HB-40 paper, ISBN# 0-944722-19-9, $14.00

January 1995

Preface by Timothy Rub, essays by artists Carm Little Turtle, Shelly Niro, Jolene Rickard, Hulleah Tsinhnahjinni, and

Richard Ray Whitman

1995, 24 pages, 2HB-41 brochure, ISBN# none, $4.50


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