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Past Exhibitions

Rococo to Modernism

European Drawings and Watercolors from the Permanent Collection and Dartmouth's Alumni

March 30, 2004, through May 30, 2004

Rococo to Modernism presents forty-two drawings and watercolors created by celebrated artists from the early eighteenth through the early twentieth century, including Eugène Delacroix, Vincent van Gogh, Vasily Kandinsky, Adolph Menzel, Pablo Picasso, Thomas Rowlandson, and Francesco Solimena, among others. Organized by Bart Thurber, the Hood's curator of European art, this exhibition of preparatory sketches, working drafts, and finished compositions reflects a mixture of genres including figure studies, portraits, landscapes, and historical subjects. Rococo to Modernism provides visitors with a rare opportunity to view selected works on paper from the Hood's European holdings alongside important contributions from the private collections of some of Dartmouth's alumni. While a number of these drawings and watercolors have been exhibited periodically at the Hood and have been lent to other institutions, they have never before comprised a comprehensive exhibition.

Masters of the Medium

European Drawings from the Collection of the Ackland Art Museum

March 30, 2004, through May 23, 2004

This exhibition highlights seventy-three works on paper dating from about 1500 to 1920 from a significant collection of nearly three hundred objects by a long lineage of artists, including figure studies by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo and Hermann Max Pechstein, historical representations by François Boucher and Käthe Kollwitz, landscapes by Allart van Everdingen and Egon Schiele, and portraits by Sir Thomas Lawrence and Max Beckmann.

Aside from being significant works in their own right, these drawings often functioned in the creative process as means to another end. Co-curator Carolyn Wood of the Ackland Art Museum explains that "artists of the sixteenth through the nineteenth centuries typically used drawings as vehicles for exploring and developing their ideas for the designs of commissioned [works] in other media, such as paintings, prints, and sculptures." Particular examples include Jean-Baptiste Greuze's A Violent Family Scene of the 1780s. Specializing in moralizing scenes of bourgeois family emotions, Greuze often composed a friezelike arrangement of figures with theatrical poses and expressions. Executed first in graphite and pen and ink to delineate at least ten... read more


Perceptions of Natural and Manmade Time

March 30, 2004, through April 25, 2004

Sexes in the City

Exploring Urban Men and Women through Five Centuries of Popular Prints

January 30, 2004, through March 28, 2004

Introduction to the History of Art II, 1500 to Present

January 24, 2004, through March 14, 2004

Lateral Thinking

Art of the 1990s

January 17, 2004, through March 14, 2004

This extraordinary exhibition features forty contemporary artists from North, South, and Central America, Cuba, Africa, China, and Europe, including Matthew Barney, Vanessa Beecroft, Roman de Salvo, Zhang Huan, William Kentridge, Byron Kim, Jean Lowe, Vik Muniz, and Cindy Sherman, many of whose works have not appeared in the Upper Valley before. The exhibition defies categorization by style, school, or medium, but a number of key ideas recur throughout, such as the body; the construction of identity (gender, personal, social, or ethnic); the role of the artist; and one's relationship to everyday occurrences and objects.

Coming of Age in Ancient Greece

Images of Childhood from the Classical Past

August 23, 2003, through December 14, 2003

It is not widely known that ancient Greek artists were the first to create images of children that showed them as they were instead of as miniature adults. They also observed and recorded children’s characteristic gestures, their bonding with parents and caregivers, their various activities from learning to crawl to assisting in religious ceremonies, and their love of play. In the absence of extensive written testimony about children from this period, artifacts and images are a vital link to the lives of girls and boys from birth to adolescence.

Coming of Age in Ancient Greece: Images of Childhood from the Classical Past is the first major exhibition to explore these images of childhood from ancient Greece. Over 120 art objects on loan from American, Canadian, and European collections chronicle the emotional and familial environment in which children were raised, their participation in religious rituals, the commemorative objects that marked their early death, and their transition to adulthood. The exhibition also presents images and stories of children in mythology. Painted vases, sculptures, grave monuments, and artifacts such as toys and baby feeders bring... read more

The Art of Acting from Stage to Screen

Connecting with Audiences Through the Centuries

July 18, 2003, through October 19, 2003

The Decade of Modernism: Selections from 1910–1919

September 29, 2002, through July 20, 2003

They Still Draw Pictures

Children’s Art in Wartime from the Spanish Civil War to Kosovo

April 12, 2003, through May 25, 2003


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