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Exhibitions Now on View

September 15, 2017, through December 10, 2017
Dartmouth students interacting with Jess Rowland's work The Other Side of Air: Notations for Interactive Sound, 2017, installed at Hood Downtown. Photo by Rob Strong.

In the first-ever installation of sound art on Dartmouth's campus, produced in collaboration with guest-curator faculty member Spencer Topel, the Hood Museum of Art will showcase the work of emerging and established international artists with diverse aesthetic and cultural backgrounds. Seven site-specific and sound-based commissions will guide visitors across the Dartmouth campus and into the town of Hanover. Hood Downtown will feature a multimedia display introducing the exhibition and artists, as well as selected works from conceptual artist Terry Adkins (1953-2014). Artists creating new installations for the show include Bill Fontana, Christine Sun Kim, Jacob Kirkegaard, Alvin Lucier, Laura Maes, Julianne Swartz, and Jess Rowland.

As diverse a medium as bronze or oil paint, sound can be recorded from the environment or produced from an object, sculpture, instrument, or living being. It can be responsive to installed spaces or autonomous, continuous or intermittent, loud or soft. Artists were invited in part for the compelling ways they use sound through conceptual, visual, and architectural contexts. Resonant Spaces alters locations in Hanover by encouraging... read more

Judy Crook 9

September 15, 2017, through September 14, 2018

Location: Top floor of the Hopkins Center

Judy Crook 9 is a digital animation painstakingly created by the artist Jennifer Steinkamp in 2017. Her work introduces images of nature into architectural spaces in a manner that complicates the idea of inside and outside, and built versus natural environments. Judy Crook 9 takes the viewer through four seasons in this one tree’s life—repeated endlessly to simultaneously evoke the cyclical nature of life and the ideal of infinite existence.

Steinkamp has been making works of digital art that honor her art teachers over the years. This work is from a series named after her professor of color theory at the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. Rather than make one animation in an edition of nine, however, Steinkamp has made nine variations on the same theme—each one significantly different.

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