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Hood Museum of Art
Dartmouth College
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The Art of the Stripe Audio Tour

Scully giving tour
Sean Scully gives a tour of his work in the Lathrop Gallery.

Compiled from two long interviews with Brian Kennedy, director of the Hood Museum of Art, these audio clips formerly comprised an iPod tour offered in the galleries of the Hood Museum of Art during the exhibition Sean Scully: The Art of the Stripe. They feature the artist discussing the individual works of art in the show as well as various other subjects. For ease of use, the selections have been divided into five Web pages in the order in which they appeared in the original tour.

Part 1 (about this tour; Landline Brown; Holly; stripes; abstraction; Red Yellow Bridge)

Part 2 (Morocco; the Wall of Light series; Mondrian; photography; Pollock; Rothko; Matisse)

Part 3 (relationships; Scully on his art in general; Shadow; Grid; Overlay 2; Blue; Fort #4; Vertical Black)

Part 4 (Boris and Gleb; Blue Blue Red; Precious (1981); Come and Go; Tiger; Music)

Part 5 (Precious (1987); Dakar; Darkness Here; Tiree; Because of the Other; Floating Painting)


Last Updated: 5/12/08