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Tour Coordinator, Education Department, Hood Museum
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Connections for Your Classroom
Coming of Age in Ancient Greece is the first exhibition to look at the lives of children in this ancient culture. This exhibition offers rich curricular connections for students, providing the opportunity to explore and understand what life was like for kids their own age who lived over two thousand years ago. Art and artifacts such as vases, toys, terracotta and bronze sculptures, and coins from museums all over the world will be on view. Within the thematic sections of the exhibition, students can explore topics such as archaeology, education, religion, fine arts, mythology, play, the similarities and differences between the lives of girls and boys, familial relationships, and much more. The Friends House, an interactive learning area inspired by Greek homes, will offer a wide range of hands-on activities for visitors of all ages. CURRICULAR CONNECTIONS TO THIS EXHIBITION INCLUDE: VISUAL ARTS, LANGUAGE, LITERATURE, HISTORY, SOCIAL SCIENCES, MATH, SCIENCE, AND MUSIC.

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How to Schedule a Tour

The Hood Museum of Art offers guided tours during regular museum hours, Tuesday through Sunday. In order to accommodate the large number of requests for tours of this exhibition during school hours, we have designated three tour times per day, Tuesday through Friday: 10:00 AM, 12 noon, and 1:30 PM. Up to 36 students can be accommodated during each eighty-minute tour slot. Tours of the exhibition can also be scheduled for after school hours and on weekends, and the times of those tours can be arranged with the Tour Coordinator.
To schedule a tour, please call the Tour Coordinator at 603/ 646-1469 or email hood.museum.tours@dartmouth.edu.

Teacher Workshops
The Education Department will offer two Teacher Workshops of differing lengths and contents in conjunction with Coming of Age. For more information, please call the Education Department at (603) 646-1469.

Teacher Resources
The Education Department has created a teacher packet to accompany Coming of Age in Ancient Greece. It includes a CD-ROM of thirty-two images of objects in the exhibition, a bibliography for students, a list of related websites, introductions to each thematic section of the exhibition, and other materials. The cost of this packet is $10 and it can be purchased from the Education Department by calling (603) 646-1469.
Please note that this packet is part of the materials made available to teachers at Teacher Workshops and is included in the teacher workshop registration fee. If you are planning to come to a teacher workshop, you will receive a packet there.

Lesson Plans and Activities

Four different lesson plans and activities that can be done with students in the classroom either before or after visiting the exhibition are available through this link.

Related Websites

Bibliography on Ancient Greece for Young Readers

Related Programs

The numerous gallery talks, lectures, and other public programs offered by the museum provide additional ways for teachers and students to learn about the exhibition. In particular, a scholarly symposium at the Hood Museum of Art, November 6-8, 2003, will look beyond ancient Greece and offer a more expansive, multidisciplinary perspective on the history of children in the ancient world, including images of children in other ancient Mediterranean societies such as Egypt and Rome.

Programs are scheduled at various times and are free and open to the public.
Click here to see a schedule of programs and events related to Coming of Age.