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Childhood in Ancient Greece
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General Websites on Ancient Greece

A comprehensive website on ancient Greek art and culture, the Perseus Project is an evolving digital library of resources for the study of the humanities. Collaborators initially formed the project to construct a large, heterogeneous collection of materials, textual and visual, on Archaic and Classical Greece.

This successful BBC site includes information on life in Athens and Corinth and on the Olympic Games, as well as a timeline—it is easy for kids to use and has links for teachers and parents as well.

A site that focuses on the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new Greek galleries: it features in-depth explanatory text on eighteen objects, a helpful timeline of Greek art history, and a map of ancient Greece.

A site produced at the University of Indiana at Bloomington featuring many digital photos of important archaeological sites in Athens as they look today.

From the University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, an object-based site featuring four sections: Land and Time, Religion and Death, Daily Life, and the Economy.

A comprehensive site run by the World News Network about Ancient Greece, with sections on Art and Archaeology, History, Mythology, Wars, People, Olympics, and Geography.

Free collection of scholarly articles on a wide variety of subjects relating to the ancient world, including gender issues.


Children in Ancient Greek Art

General information on many aspects of childhood in ancient Greece. The website was produced by Aspasia Mechanou as part of her dissertation for a degree in Archaeology at the University of Newcastle.


Women in Ancient Greek Art

Information about women in ancient art with bibliography. Written for a college course at Sweet Briar College.


Greek Vases

A series of videos done by the Getty Museum that shows the entire process of making Greek vases, from digging the clay to painting and firing the sculpted pots. Also features illustrations of the Getty’s impressive collection of Greek vases.


Ancient Greek Fashion

A very detailed site focusing exclusively on ancient Greek dress and fashion as shown in art.


Useful for Teachers:


Rather simple but comprehensive website with lots of info on daily life in ancient Greece as well as comparisons among different Greek cities. Sample lesson plans for a simulation of the ancient Greek Olympics.

Lesson plans about the ancient Greek Olympics.

Information and lesson plans about ancient Greece.


Of Interest to Elementary and/or Middle-School Students:

Teacher’s description of various aspects of daily life in ancient Greece, including children’s lives.

General information on ancient Greece, designed by a class of sixth-graders studying the subject.

A script of a play about the Peloponnesian War and other activities for elementary and middle-school students about Greece.

General info for younger students about ancient Greece.

Site about toys and childhood in ancient Greece, designed for a fifth-grade class.

Information about games in ancient Greece.

The website for Digs, an archaeology magazine for kids, is accessible by paid subscription only, but it does feature some fun short articles, a glossary, and factoids that will get kids excited about archaeology. Also has a very comprehensive links page to other kid-friendly archaeology sites.

Lots of helpful information, including maps, pictures, and fun animations about Greek art and archaeology. It was written by a non-English speaker, so there are some language problems, but it is nonetheless useful.