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Frank Stella

Frank Stella, chocorua tile Frank Stella, moultonville tile Frank Stella, Wolfeboro tile Frank Stella, tuftonboro tile Frank Stella, union small

Irregular Polygons  

October 9, 2010, through March 13, 2011

Although based on simple geometries, the Irregular Polygons (1965-66) comprise one of the most complex artistic statements of Frank Stella’s career. Each of the eleven compositions combines varying numbers of shapes to create daringly irregular outlines. Stella made four versions of each composition, varying the color combinations. They mark a radical shift from Stella’s earlier striped works in their use of large fields of color. The asymmetric canvases play with illusion, confronting Stella’s previous emphasis on flatness while anticipating his career-long exploration of space and volume in both painting and sculpture.

Click here for the exhibition announcement, including a video clip of scenes from the installation, on the public affairs website Dartmouth Now.

Generously supported by Judson and Carol Bemis '76, James and Margaret Fellner Hunt '78, Judy and Thomas E. Oxman M.D. '71, Judy and J. Neil Smiley II '72, Leila and Melville Straus '60, Laurie J. Weil DVM and Dr. Thomas J. Wool '72, the Leon C. 1927, Charles L. 1955, and Andrew J. 1984 Greenebaum Fund, the Philip Fowler 1927 Memorial Fund, and the William Chase Grant 1919 Memorial Fund.

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Click here to watch a conversation with artist Frank Stella from the Hood's YouTube playlist.

Click here to watch a video of Frank Stella's exhibit installation at Dartmouth from the Hood's YouTube playlist.

Related Events

8 October, Friday, 4:30 PM
Arthur M. Loew Auditorium
Frank Stella: Irregular Polygons
Brian Kennedy, President, CEO, and Director, Toledo Museum of Art, and Former Director, Hood Museum of Art

21 October, Thursday, 4:30 PM
Spaulding Auditorium, Hopkins Center
A Discussion with Frank Stella
Artist and Montgomery Fellow Frank Stella and Former Hood Director Brian Kennedy

27 October, Wednesday, 6:30-8:00 PM
Does a Painting Have to Be a Rectangle?
Explore the exhibition Frank Stella: Irregular Polygons in this discussion-based workshop and discover the bold, innovative paintings of this contemporary artist. Stella built irregularly shaped canvases that incorporate geometric shapes and dynamic zigzags. In the studio, we’ll create “shaped canvases” of our own. Participation is limited. Call (603) 646-1469 by October 25 to register.

6 November, Saturday, 2:00 PM
Frank Stella: Irregular Polygons

7 November, Sunday, 12:00-5:00 PM
Shaped Canvases
Rectangles, triangles, zigzag stripes, and bold colors are the building blocks of Frank Stella’s irregularly shaped canvases. On this special day for families, written guides and activities will help adults and children learn about these innovative paintings. In the studio, participants will be invited to create a “shaped canvas” of their own. For children ages 6-12 and their adult companions. No pre-registration is required.

20 November, Saturday, 2:00 PM
Frank Stella: Irregular Polygons

1 December, Wednesday, 6:30-8:00 PM
Learning to Look at Modern Art
Explore paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe, Pablo Picasso, Sol Lewitt, and Frank Stella as you learn techniques for interpreting and appreciating any work of modern art. The workshop will be discussion-based and participatory. Enrollment is limited. Call (603) 646-1469 by November 29 to register.

15 January, Saturday, 2:00 PM
Frank Stella: Irregular Polygons

8 February, Tuesday, 12:30 PM
Second-floor galleries
Frank Stella’s Irregular Polygons: Painting as High-Level Play
Enrico Riley, Assistant Professor of Studio Art, Dartmouth College

12 February, Saturday, 2:00 PM
Frank Stella: Irregular Polygons

12 March, Saturday, 2:00 PM
Frank Stella: Irregular Polygons

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