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Hood Museum of Art
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

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Press Release

Contact: Rachel Tardelli Vermeal
Communications and Public Relations Coordinator
(603) 646-2426

Félix de la Concha: Private Portraits/Public Conversations

Hanover, NH--The Hood Museum of Art continues its series of major public art projects with an exhibition at the museum and across the Dartmouth College campus exploring issues of conflict and reconciliation in the lives of individuals.

The Hood commissioned artist Félix de la Concha, a native of Spain, to paint the portraits of fifty-one people from the Dartmouth and surrounding communities as part of the campus theme for 2008–10, “Conflict and Reconciliation.”

In Private Portraits/Public Conversations, the fifty-one portrait sitters discussed their experiences with de la Concha from the perspective of conflicts in their lives and how they have made—or are making—the journey toward reconciling them. A broad array of conflicts—personal, societal, and global—give way to varying degrees of reconciliation in these many compelling studies. As de la Concha describes it: “Each session presents a very different experience. Because each individual is different, and each day is different . . . Each portrait is an adventure.”

De la Concha’s effort to capture a truthful portrait results in a multidimensional representation of his encounter with his sitters—each one is intellectually, psychologically, and emotionally charged. Each portrait session lasted two hours, during which time the artist interviewed the sitter, and video- and audio-taped the entire experience. The artist added the aspect of video recording for the Hood project as a means of reconstructing, in real time, what transpired in each two-hour session. Thus, “portrait” here comprises painted representation, spoken narrative, and the visual recording of the interaction between artist and subject.

lix de la Concha: Private Portraits/Public Conversations will be exhibited at the Hood Museum of Art and at Baker Library on the Dartmouth campus from April 4 through September 27, 2009, with a gala opening planned for Friday, May 8.

Last Updated: 3/5/09