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Dartmouth College
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Félix de la Concha

Milton Ochieng
Oil on linen
Collection of artist

Excerpt from the interview

Félix de la Concha video- and audio-taped his portrait sessions. A brief split-screen excerpt appears below, presenting the sitter as well as the ongoing work of the artist.

Transcription: "It was while I was in Nicaragua that a light bulb went off. I saw firsthand some of the same things that I'd seen growing up--no electricity, no running water, same trouble accessing healthcare. Yet, there we were, just college students, and we were able to work hand-in-hand with the local Nicaraguans . . . to build a women and children's health clinic. I said "Whoa!" If we could do this here, just as college students, in this rural village in Nicaragua, no electricity, no running water, what's to stop us from doing a similar thing in Kenya? And so, I came back from that service trip really energized."

Fast-forward video of the entire portrait session

Split-screen compression of the entire two-hour portrait session into two minutes, revealing Félix de la Concha's technique.

Last Updated: 3/20/09