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Hood Museum of Art
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

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Museum Rules

Please help the museum staff protect works of art on view in the galleries by following the rules listed below. We appreciate your help keeping the art safe so that it may be enjoyed by many generations to come!

Do not touch works of art. Your touch may not seem like much, but even the slightest contact can damage the surface of a painting, discolor stone, and even rust metal.

Keep a safe distance between you and each work of art. This helps to avoid accidental touching or bumping.

Use only pencils. If an accident should occur, a pencil mark is easier to remove than a pen mark. Members of the security and visitor services staff are happy to provide a pencil if you would like to write or draw during your museum visit. Be careful not to point with your pencil or other objects; this can endanger the works of art.

No leaning on walls or cases (either to write or for physical support). This helps keep works of art hung on the walls or displayed in cases safe. Feel free to sit on the benches or the floor as you talk, write, or draw.

No food, drink, or gum is allowed in the galleries. The art in the museum will provide plenty of food for thought as well as a feast for the eyes!

Running, pushing, and roughhousing are not allowed in the museum. Appropriate museum behavior is necessary to avoid accidentally bumping into and damaging works of art.

Photography is allowed only after you review and sign a photo release form at the Visitor Services Desk. Only works of art owned by Dartmouth College may be photographed. No flash photography is allowed because the intensity of the light damages the art.

Thank you for observing these rules to help keep the art safe!