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Hood Museum of Art
Dartmouth College
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Current School Tours

The Hood Museum of Art welcomes school groups to explore the world of art!

Tours of our permanent collection and changing exhibitions are available to school groups and the public, free of charge. Museum staff members develop tours with the goals of introducing students to a museum experience, actively engaging them with original works of art, and improving their visual literacy.

The schedule of school tours is updated on this page each season during the school year. If you would like to receive information about our tours and other programs directly via our mailings and email announcements, please contact the Education Department at

Learn more about our exhibitions.


In Residence: Contemporary Artists at Dartmouth

February 4-July 6, 2014

This exhibition features the work of eighty artists who all spent time at Dartmouth College in the artist-in-residence program between 1932 and 2013. Over one hundred contemporary works of art, ranging from paintings, works on paper, and photography to sculpture, assemblage, and large-scale installations will be on view.

Tours will feature a range of activities such as group discussions, creative writing, and hands-on materials to help students build skills for understanding and appreciating contemporary art. The wide variety of art included in the show offers connections to New Hampshire and Vermont as well as explorations around landscapes, sense of place, creativity, artistic process and materials, as well as specific modern and contemporary art movements and "isms."

This tour is recommended for all grade levels.

Tours of the exhibition support the NH Frameworks and VT Standards by introducing students to:

- opportunities to identify and apply the elements of visual art and principles of design
- increase skills for analyzing and evaluating the visual arts in relation to history and culture
- increase understanding of artistic process
- explore materials and processes in art-making
- increase their understanding of creativity as unique, independent, and original thinking

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Introduction to the Museum--Highlights

In this tour, students will look at and discuss a range of works that span different countries, time periods, and media. It provides a wonderful introduction to museums and the art in the Hood's collections and can be shaped to respond to the interests of your students. Teachers can discuss options when they call to schedule the tour.

This tour is recommended for students of all ages.


The Assyrian Reliefs

Originally part of the decorative scheme of the Northwest Palace of King Ashurnasirpal II (883-859 BCE) in what is now known as Nimrud, Iraq, the six large-scale reliefs depict a ritual performance undertaken by the king. Human and supernatural beings are also in attendance. Through these works of art, students can learn about history, religion, politics, and cuneiform (the earliest form of writing).

This tour is recommended for students of all ages.


The Orozco Mural

Located in Baker-Berry Library

José Clemente Orozco, one of the three most famous Mexican muralists, came to Dartmouth in the early 1930s and painted the fresco cycle The Epic of American Civilization in Baker Library. In this mural, Orozco depicted his interpretation of the history of the Americas, from ancient Aztec culture through the arrival of Cortéz and into the early twentieth century. Tours of this dynamic work addresses issues of class, cultural conflict, education, religion, and power.

This tour is recommended for students in grades six and above.

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Last Updated: 3/6/14