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Hood Museum of Art
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

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Arrange a Class Visit

Jane Carroll talking to students about Old Master German prints in the Bernstein Study-Storage Center.

To the Bernstein Study-Storage Center

If you wish to make an appointment to select works from storage for a class visit or for individual study by a group of students, please contact the Curator of Academic Programming. Curators and other museum staff members are available to speak about the works you select, but we encourage the faculty to lead the class discussion.

Like all museums, the Hood Museum of Art can only display a small fraction of its collections in the gallery space available. Therefore, the majority of the collection is not on view but can be easily accessed for teaching purposes by faculty members. Faculty can arrange class visits to the Bernstein Study-Storage Center, where a small number of objects chosen by the professor (in consultation with the museum's registrars or the Curator of Academic Programming) are displayed. This facility is also available for students to study works of art selected in the same manner. The study-storage area can accommodate a group of up to twenty students at a time. The presentation of objects in study-storage allows greater and more direct access to the works of art and more flexibility in the way they can be used for teaching. To make an appointment for a class visit, please contact the Coordinator of Academic Programming.

Students can also make appointments to study works of art in the Bernstein Study-Storage Center.

Finding Study-Storage

The Bernstein Study-Storage Center is accessible through the back stairway of the museum. Enter the double glass doors just to the south of Wilson Hall. Pass straight through the second set of glass doors and back outside. Turn right at the end of the building and go up the stairway. Ring the doorbell. During open hours, when you ring, someone will admit you if you have an appointment (Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 p.m.).

Last Updated: 5/9/13