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Hood Museum of Art
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

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George Maciunas, American, 1931-1978; Eric Andersen, Danish, born 1942; George Brecht, American, born 1926; Ben Vautier, Swiss, born 1935; John Cavanaugh, nationality unknown, 20th century; Willem de Ridder, Dutch, born 1942; Robert Filliou, French, 1926-1987; Vera Spoerri, nationality unknown, 20th century; Roland Topor, French, born 1938; Albert M. Fine, American, 1940-1987; Ken Friedman, nationality unknown, 20th century; Hi Red Center, Japanese, 20th century; John Lennon, British, 1940-1980; Frederic Lieberman, nationality unknown, 20th century; Claes Thure Oldenburg, American, born 1929; Yoko Ono, American, born 1933; James Riddle, American, born 1933; Paul Sharits, nationality unknown, 20th century; Bob Sheff, American, 20th century; Mieko (Chieko) Shiomi, Japanese, born 1938; Stanley Vanderbeek, American, 1927-1984; Wolf Vostell, German, 1932-1998; Yoshimasa Wada, Japanese, born 1943; Robert Watts, American, 1923-1988

Flux Year Box 2
Five-compartment wood box with objects by various artists
Purchased through the William S. Rubin Fund; GM.987.44.2