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Hood Museum of Art
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

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Henry William Stiegel, American, 1729-1785

Cream jug
Mid-18th century
White flint glass
Gift of Elizabeth E. Craig, Class of 1944W; G.2002.30.8


This piece was mold-blown, meaning that the glass was inserted or blown into a dip or part-size mold for a design that was then expanded by additional blowing. The sprightly pitcher is eyecatching both for its complex, mold-blown decoration and for its handsome proportions. It was patterned using a single mold with twenty vertical ribs. After a first impression of the ribs was made, the gather was removed from the mold and twisted to give the ribs a slanting or swirling direction. The gather was then reinserted into the same mold to superimpose vertical ribs over the swirling ones. (Notice that the diamonds do not have a symmetrical shape, as they would have if the two sets of ribs had swirled in opposite directions.) The gather was then expanded and worked into its finished shape. The graceful outward flare of its tooled pouring lip effectively balances the proportions of the applied pedestal foot, while the upward curl of its handle terminus further contributes to the pitcher’s dynamic silhouette.

Last Updated: 5/1/09