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Hood Museum of Art
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The Native Southeastern collection consists of almost eight hundred objects, of which about six hundred are archaeological artifacts. Some of these include a gift of sixteen Mississippian ceramics given to the museum collection by Nelson Rust and additional Mississippian ceramics from the Nodena and Pecan Point Sites. This latter group of objects was formerly housed in the Alabama Museum of Natural History; it was presented to Dartmouth College in 1935 as a gift from Mrs. W. F. Garth and her grandson Winston F. Garth II, Class of 1935. Another significant archaeological addition to the museum’s collections was a gift of over one hundred arrow points, mostly surface finds made between 1906 and 1908 in the Yadkin River at Blewett Falls, near Rockingham, North Carolina, and given to the collection by Mr. William P. Snow, Class of 1881.

The Southeastern collection includes also a small number of nineteenth- and twentieth-century objects given to the collection by Glover Street Hastings III, which include baskets, hunting implements, and objects of personal adornment.

Last Updated: 12/17/07