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The Year of the Arts at Dartmouth

Hood Quarterly, autumn 2012
Essi Rönkkö, Year of the Arts Coordinator 

The Hood Museum of Art is excited to be part of Dartmouth’s Year of the Arts during the 2012–13 academic year. This campus-wide initiative of special artistic programs will highlight the vibrant arts culture at Dartmouth and underscore its position as one of the nation’s leading academic arts communities, where the undergraduate experience is defined by an interdisciplinary approach to art that engages students in a variety of ways and settings.

New Acquisition: Stacy Steers, Night Hunter House, 2011

Hood Quarterly, autumn 2012
Juliette Bianco, Assistant Director

The Hood Expands: Creating an Ideal Learning Environment

Hood Quarterly, autumn 2012
Michael Taylor, Director

Interview with Hood Museum of Art Renovation and Expansion Architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsien

Hood Quarterly, autumn 2012
Interview conducted by Michael Taylor, Director, on June 11, 2012

Michael Taylor (MT): Tod and Billie, what attracted you to this commission?

Tod Williams (TW): You! (laughs) We heard wonderful things about you from Philadelphia and that something new was going to happen up at Dartmouth. We both went to Ivy League schools and are incredibly interested in art, so we had been to the Hood and seen its treasures and its amazing location.

Letter from the Director: Autumn 2012

Hood Quarterly, autumn 2012
Michael Taylor, Director

Annual Ames Student-Award Program Celebrates Fiftieth Anniversary

A Focus on Student Impact: Museum Collecting 101

Hood Quarterly, summer 2012

Since 2002, the Hood Museum of Art has offered Dartmouth students a non-curricular seminar titled Museum Collecting 101, which gives them the opportunity to learn about the museum’s acquisition policy and also the criteria a curator uses to evaluate works for purchase.The course culminates in the students’ selection of a photograph for the museum’s holdings.

Letter from the Director: Summer 2012

Hood Quarterly, summer 2012
Michael Taylor, Director

Dartmouth Selects Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects to Design Hood Museum of Art’s Major Expansion and Renovation

Advancing Dartmouth’s Ongoing Commitment to Visual and Performing Arts on Campus, Hood Expansion Enhances New Arts District with New Visual Arts Center and Hopkins Center

April 19, 2012
Dartmouth College Office of Public Affairs

Our 2011–2012 Senior Interns!

Hood Quarterly, spring 2012

The Hood staff is very excited about the diverse and accomplished group of individuals who have been contributing to the museum’s efforts this year. The internship program provides opportunities for Dartmouth seniors from all majors to engage with museum work in various professional capacities.


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