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The Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College has cultivated an ambitious publishing program over the years, ranging from penetrating book-length studies of collection areas and Hood traveling exhibitions to numerous brochures and gallery guides, including our special A Space for Dialogue: Fresh Perspectives on the Permanent Collections from Dartmouth’s Students series, now numbering over seventy-five brochures. Our publications reflect the thriving scholarly community that intersects with the Hood collections on an ongoing basis, comprised of the curatorial staff, Dartmouth faculty and students, and colleagues and researchers from other institutions. The Hood has published over fifty books and numerous brochures in the past twenty years. Below is a comprehensive list of Hood collection and exhibition catalogues, most of which may be ordered through the Museum Shop. Click here for a listing of our more recent gallery booklets and brochures.

Collection Highlights Catalogues

Native American Art at Dartmouth: Highlights from the Hood Museum of Art

With contributions by George P. Horse Capture Sr., Joe D. Horse Capture, Joseph M. Sanchez, Colin G. Calloway, and Karen S. Miller, as well as Leah Bowe, Sherry Brydon, Heather Igloliorte, Miles R. Miller, Jennifer Neptune, Megan A. Smetzer, Joyce M. Szabo, and Jenny Tone-Pah-Hote
Publishing partner: University Press of New England
2011, 212 pages
paper, ISBN# 978-1-61168-033-1, $40.00

Modern and Contemporary Art at Dartmouth: Highlights from the Hood Museum of Art

Edited by Brian P. Kennedy and Emily Shubert Burke
With an introductory essay by Emily Shubert Burke
Publishing partner: University Press of New England
2009, 240 pages
paper, ISBN# 978-1-58465-787-3, $40.00
cloth, ISBN# 978-1-58465-786-6, $65.00 

European Art at Dartmouth: Highlights from the Hood Museum of Art

T. Barton Thurber
Publishing partner: University Press of New England
2008, 256 pages
paper, ISBN# 978-1-58465-724-8, $40.00
cloth, ISBN# 978-1-58465-738-5, $65.00

American Art at Dartmouth: Highlights from the Hood Museum of Art

Barbara J. MacAdam
Publishing partner: University Press of New England
2007, 244 pages
paper, ISBN# 1-58465-668-9, $40.00
cloth, ISBN# 1-58465-667-0, $65.00


Other Collection-Related Publications

Assyrian Reliefs from the Palace of Ashurnasirpal II: A Cultural Biography

Edited by Ada Cohen and Steven E. Kangas
Publishing partner: University Press of New England
2010, 288 pages
paper, ISBN# 978-1-58465-817-7, $40.00

The Assyrian Reliefs at the Hood Museum of Art

Kamyar Abdi, Steven Kangas, Susan Ackerman
2005, 12 pages, 2HB-1 brochure, $2.00

Treasures of the Hood Museum of Art

Introduction by Jacquelynn Baas, essays by Charles Moore and the curators
Publishing partner: Hudson Hills Press LLC
1985, 160 pages
2HB-18A paper, ISBN# 0-933920-72-5, $20.00
2HB-18B cloth, ISBN# 0-933920-71-7, $35.00


Exhibition Catalogues


The Women of Shin Hanga: The Judith and Joseph Barker Collection of Japanese Prints

Edited by Allen Hockley, with contributions by Kendall H. Brown, Allen Hockley, and Nozomi Naoi
Distributed by University Press of New England
2013, 280 pages
paper, ISBN # 978-0-944722-45-9, $40.00



Crossing Cultures: The Owen and Wagner Collection of Contemporary Aboriginal Australian Art at the Hood Museum of Art

Edited by Stephen Gilchrist, with contributions by Sally Butler, John Carty, Jennifer Deger, Françoise Dussart, N. Bruce Duthu, Stephen Gilchrist, Brian P. Kennedy, Howard Morphy, Will Owen, and Henry F. Skerritt
Distributed by University Press of New England
2012, 184 pages
paper, ISBN # 978-0-944722-44-2, $40.00

Men of Fire: José Clemente Orozco and Jackson Pollock

Contributions by Mary K. Coffey, Sharon Lorenzo, Lisa Mintz Messinger, and Stephen Polcari
Distributed by University Press of New England
2012, 120 pages
paper, ISBN # 978-0-944722-42-8, $24.95

Nature Transformed: Edward Burtynsky's Vermont Quarry Photographs in Context

Edited by Juliette Bianco and Pieter Broucke, with contributions by Ilaria Brancoli Busdraghi, Kirsten Hoving, and Gary Johnson
Distributed by University Press of New England
2012, 96 pages
paper, ISBN # 978-0-944722-43-5, $24.95



Embracing Elegance, 1885-1920: American Art from the Huber Family Collection

Edited by Barbara J. Macadam, with contributions by MacAdam, Stephanie Mayer Heydt, and Susan G. Larkin
Distributed by University Press of New England
2011, 112 pages
paper, ISBN# 978-0-944722-41-1, $24.95

Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life

Edited by Jacquelynn Baas, with contributions by Jacquelynn Baas, Ken Friedman, Hannah Higgins, and Jacob Proctor
Publishing partner: The University of Chicago Press
2011, 133 pages
paper, ISBN-13# 978-0-226-03359-4, ISBN-10# 0-226-03359-7, $30.00

Esmé Thompson: The Alchemy of Design

Contributions by Liz Quackenbush and Marjorie Woods and an interview with the artist by Brian Kennedy
Foreword by Katherine Hart, Interim Director of The Hood Museum of Art
Distributed by University Press of New England
2011, 96 pages
paper, ISBN # 978-0-944722-40-4, $19.95



Frank Stella: Irregular Polygons, 1965-66

Brian P. Kennedy
Distributed by University Press of New England
2010, 144 pages, cloth, ISBN# 978-0-944722-39-8, $45.00



The Art of Sonia Landy Sheridan

With an essay by Diane Kirkpatrick
Introduction by Katherine Hart
Afterword by Mary Flanagan
Distributed by University Press of New England
2009, 72 pages
paper, ISBN# 978-0-944722-38-1, $24.95 

Wearing Wealth and Styling Identity: Tapis from Lampung, South Sumatra, Indonesia

Mary-Louise Totton
Distributed by University Press of New England
2009, 208 pages, paper, ISBN# 978-0-944722-37-4, $39.95


Coastline to Skyline: The Philip H. Greene Gift of California Watercolors, 1930-1960

Barbara J. MacAdam, with an essay by Paul J. Karlstrom
Distributed by University Press of New England
2008, 72 pages, paper, ISBN# 978-0-944722-37-9, $19.95

Immanence and Revelation: The Art of Ben Frank Moss

Hood Museum of Art, with an essay by Josua Chuang
Foreword and artist interview by Brian Kennedy, and contributions by Bruce Herman, Jeffrey Lewis, and Gregory Wolfe
Distributed by University Press of New England
2008, 112 pages, paper, ISBN# 978-0-944722-35-0, $24.95

Sean Scully: The Art of the Stripe

Brian Kennedy
Distributed by University Press of New England
2008, 144 pages, cloth, ISBN# 978-0-944722-34-3, $45.00

Wenda Gu at Dartmouth: The Art of Installation

Juliette Bianco, David Cateforis, Eleanor Heartney, Allen Hockley, Brian Kennedy
Publishing partner: University Press of New England
2008, 160 pages, paper, ISBN# 1-58465-707-3, $35.00

Black Womanhood: Images, Icons, and Ideologies of the African Body

Edited by Barbara Thompson
Publishing partner: University of Washington Press
2008, 376 pages
cloth, ISBN# 978-0-295-98770-5, $75.00
paper, ISBN# 978-0-295-98771-2, $50.00
Publisher's Weekly: "This collection of essays is as richly insightful as it is beautifully produced. . . . The originality of the images and interpretations make this catalogue essential to understanding how fully clothed the unclothed body truly is." Click here to read the full review.


Thin Ice: Inuit Traditions within a Changing Environment

Nicole Stuckenberger
With contributions by William Fitzhugh, Aqqaluk Lynge, and Kesler H. Woodward
Distributed by University Press of New England
2007, 80 pages, paper, ISBN #0-944722-33-4, $24.95


Protest in Paris 1968: Photographs by Serge Hambourg

Essays by Anne Sa'adah and Thomas Crow
Introduction by Katherine Hart
Distributed by University Press of New England
2006, 88 pages, paper, ISBN #0-944722-32-6, $24.95

Coaxing the Spirits to Dance: Art and Society in the Papuan Gulf of New Guinea

Robert L. Welsch, Virginia-Lee Webb, Sebastian Haraha
Distributed by University of Washington Press
2006, 128 pages, 2HB-75 paper, ISBN# 0-944722-30-X, $40.00

Fred Wilson: SO MUCH TROUBLE IN THE WORLD - Believe It or Not!

Barbara Thompson
With contributions by Mary K. Coffey and Jessica Hagedorn
Distributed by University Press of New England
2006, 80 pages, paper, ISBN 0-944722-31-8, $24.95

Celebrating Twenty Years: Gifts in Honor of the Hood Museum of Art

Curators of the Hood Museum of Art
Foreword by James Wright, preface by Barry Scherr, introduction by Katherine Hart
2005, 112 pages, 2HB-73 paper, ISBN# 0-944722-29-6, $29.95


Marks of Distinction: Two Hundred Years of American Drawings and Watercolors from the Hood Museum of Art

Barbara J. MacAdam
Publishing partner: Hudson Hills Press LLC
2005, 282 pages
2HB-70 paper, ISBN# 1-55595-275-5, $45.00
2HB-72 cloth, ISBN# 1-55595-275-5, $60.00


Coming of Age in Ancient Greece: Images of Childhood from the Classical Past

Jenifer Neils and John H. Oakley
Publishing partner: Yale University Press
2003, 333 pages, 2HB-60 paper, ISBN# 0-300-09960-6, $45.00

Regional Selections 30

Preface and acknowledgments by Juliette M. Bianco, essays by Derrick R. Cartwright and Barbara J. MacAdam
2003, 72 pages, 2HB-54 paper, ISBN# 0-944722-27-X, $20.00


Jose Clemente Orozco in the United States, 1927-1934

Renato Gonzalez Mello and Diane Miliotes, editors
Publishing partner: W. W. Norton & Company
2002, 383 pages, 2HB-53 cloth, ISBN# 0-393-04176-X, $75.00

Joe Novak: Paintings, 1993-1999

Preface and acknowledgments by Derrick R. Cartwright, introduction by Timothy Rub, essay by Phyllis Braff
2002, 46 pages, 2HB-48 paper, ISBN# 0-944722-26-1, $20.00

Mel Kendrick: Core Samples

Essay by Katherine Hart, interview with Mel Kendrick by Elyse Goldberg
2002, 48 pages, 2HB-45 paper, ISBN# 0-944722-24-5, $20.00


Antiquity in Ancient Rome from the Renaissance to the Age of Enlightenment

T. Barton Thurber and Adrian W. B. Randolph
2001, 80 pages, 2HB-44 paper, ISBN# 0-944722-23-7, $9.95


Arthur Ganson: Notes on a Machine-Maker's Process

Essays by David Sims, organized by the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College
2000, 10 pages, 2HB-58 brochure, $3.00


Willard Metcalf: Winter's Promise

Foreword by Timothy Rub, acknowledgments by Barbara MacAdam, essays by Barbara MacAdam
1999, 84 pages, 2HB-12 paper, ISBN# 0-944722-22-9, $25.00


Post-Pastoral: New Images of the New England Landscape

Foreword by Timothy Rub, acknowledgements by Amy Schlegel, regional artists
1998, 32 pages, 2HB-3 paper, ISBN# none, $7.00

A Gift to the College: The Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Weil Jr. Collection of Master Prints

Preface and acknowledgments by Timothy Rub, essay by Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann
1998, 120 pages
2HB-7 paper, ISBN# 0-944722-21-0, $25.00
2HB-8 cloth, ISBN# 0-944722-21-0, $40.00


Intimate Encounters: Love and Domesticity in Eighteenth-Century France

Foreword by Timothy Rub, preface by Richard Rand, contributions by Mark Ledbury, Sara Maza, Anne L. Schroder, Virginia Swain
1997, 220 pages
2HB-4 paper, ISBN# 0-691016-62-3, $35.00
2HB-5 cloth, ISBN# 0-691016-63-1, $65.00


Shaping an American Landscape: The Art and Architecture of Charles Platt

Essays by Keith N. Morgan, Maureen O'Brien, Erica Hirshler, Rebecca Davidson, Deborah Gardner, Barbara MacAdam
Publishing partner: University Press of New England
1995, 216 pages, 2HB-37 cloth, ISBN# 0-874517-05-2, $50.00

Two Views of Italy: Master Prints by Canaletto and Piranesi

Preface by Timothy Rub, essays by Richard Rand, Curator of European Art, and John Varriano, Professor of Art at Mount Holyoke College
1995, 96 pages, 2HB-40 paper, ISBN# 0-944722-19-9, $14.00

Image and Self in Contemporary Native American Photoart

Preface by Timothy Rub, essays by artists Carm Little Turtle, Shelly Niro, Jolene Rickard, Hulleah Tsinhnahjinni, and Richard Ray Whitman
1995, 24 pages, 2HB-41 brochure, ISBN# none, $4.50


Looking for America: Prints of Rural Life from the 1930s and 1940s

Essay by Barbara J. MacAdam
1994, 10 pages, 2HB-36 brochure, ISBN# 0-944722-18-0, $3.00


To Image and to See: Crow Indian Photographs by Edward S. Curtis and Richard Throssel, 1905-1910

Preface by Timothy Rub, essay by Tamara Northern, curator, introduction by Wendi-Starr Brown
1993, 31 pages, 2HB-32 paper, ISBN# 0-944722-16-4, $6.00

Sophie Calle: Proofs

Introduction by Timothy Rub, essays by Kathleen Merrill, guest curator, and Lawrence Rinder, Curator of Modern Art at the University Art Museum, Berkeley
1993, 32 pages, 2HB-32 paper, ISBN# 0-944722-16-4, $4.95


Subject(s): Prints and Multiples by Jonathan Borofsky, 1982-1991

Introduction by James Cuno, Director of the Harvard University Art Museums, essay by Ruth E. Fine, Curator, National Gallery of Art.
1992, 110 pages
1HB-27 paper, ISBN# 0-944722-12-1, $20.00
1HB-28 cloth, ISBN# 0-944722-11-3, $30.00


The Here and the Hereafter: Images of Paradise in Islamic Art

Preface by Timothy Rub, introduction by Sheila Blair and Jonathan Bloom, essays by Professors Kevin Reinhart, Gene Garthwaite, and Walter Denny
1991, 116 pages, 2HB-24 cloth, ISBN# 0-944722-07-5, $29.95


Lessons Stitched in Silk: Samplers from the Canterbury Region of New Hampshire

Preface by James Cuno, Director, essays by Elisabeth Garrett, guest curator, and Professor Theodore Mitchell
1990, 22 pages, 2HB-10 brochure, $5.00

Scenes and Sequences: Recent Monotypes by Eric Fischl

Introduction by James Cuno, essays by Richard Field, Elizabeth Armstrong, and Carol Zemel, poem by E. L. Doctorow
1990, 120 pages, 2HB-22 cloth, ISBN# 0-810933-03-9, $35.00

Designs for Theatre: Stratford Festival, 1954-1990

Preface by Raphael Bernstein, introduction and acknowledgments by James Cuno, foreword by David William, Artistic Director of the Stratford Festival, essays by Desmond Healey, James Cuno, Margaret Spicer
1990, 104 pages, 2HB-16 paper, ISBN# 0-944722-06-7, $20.00

Fatal Consequences: Callot, Goya, and the Horrors of War

Preface by James Cuno, introduction by Hilliard Goldfarb, Curator of European Art, essays by Hilliard Goldfarb and Reva Wolf, Boston College
1990, 92 pages, 2HB-6 paper, ISBN# 0-944722-04-0, $14.95

The Independent Group: Postwar Britain and the Aesthetics of Plenty

Introduction by Jacquelynn Baas, essays by Larwrence Alloway, Theo Crosby, Allison and Peter Smithson, Denise Scott Brown, Graham Whitham, James Lingwood, David Robbins.
1990, 256 pages
1HB-26 paper, ISBN# none, $35.00
1HB-27 cloth, ISBN# 0-262181-39-8, $50.00


A Humanist Vision: The Adolph Weil Jr. Collection of Rembrandt prints

Preface by Jacquelynn Baas, introduction by Hilliard T. Goldfarb
1988, 208 pages
2HB-9A paper, ISBN# none, $24.95
2HB-9B cloth, ISBN# none, $38.00

Mills and Factories of New England

Photographs by Serge Hambourg, preface by Jacquelynn Baas, essays by Noel Perrin and Kenneth Breisch
Publishing partner: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
1988, 108 pages
2HB-11A paper, ISBN# 0-8109-1448-4, $19.95
2HB-11A cloth, ISBN# 0-8109-1448-4, $29.95


From Titian to Sargent: Dartmouth Alumni Friends and Collection

Preface by Jacquelynn Baas, introduction and essays by curators Hilliard T. Goldfarb and Barbara J. MacAdam
1987, 76 pages
2HB-17A paper, ISBN# none, $19.95
2HB-17B cloth, ISBN# none, $29.95

Patterns of Life, Patterns of Art: The Rahr Collection of Native American Art

Essay by Barbara A. Hail, catalogue by Gregory C. Schwarz
1987, 80 pages, 2HB-14B cloth, ISBN# 0-87451-413-4, $15.00



Preface by Jacquelynn Baas, essays by Donald Hall and Clifton C. Olds
1986, 138 pages
2HB-19A paper, ISBN# 0-87451-355-3, $19.95
2HB-19B cloth, ISBN# 0-87451-354-5, $35.00


American Decorative Arts at Dartmouth

Margaret J. Moody
1981, 54 pages, 1HB-1 paper, $6.00


Picasso's Vollard Suite

Daniel Robbins
1980, 23 pages, 1HB-12 brochure, $2.00

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