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Hood Museum of Art
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

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Public and Community Programs

Félix de la Concha
Artist Félix de la Concha and Brian Kennedy, Director, Hood Museum of Art, discussed the artist’s work and the spring 2009 exhibition Félix de la Concha: Public Portraits/Public Conversations.

Root lecture Wu Hung
Wu Hung delivers the 2008 Dr. Allen W. Root Contemporary Art Distinguished Lecture.

“I LOVE the chance to do art alongside my children.”

—A parent after one of the Hood’s free Adventures in Art family programs

The Hood Museum of Art presented 92 public programs in 2008-9, emphasizing direct programmatic connections to the exhibitions as well as topics of interest to Dartmouth’s faculty and students and the broader community. Coupling the talents of our staff with the many interests of our thriving academic neighbors, our programs extended visitors’ exhibition experiences both within and beyond our walls. In addition to attracting distinguished speakers, the Hood made Dartmouth faculty and its own staff members accessible to the public through dozens of lectures and gallery talks. Family programs built on the successes of Family Days and Art Ventures to offer self-guided programs for families during school vacation weeks and topical programs for children. We also continued to build on our programming for teens.


Lectures, Symposia, Films, and Panel Discussions

July 9
“Representing Ancient Art in the Nineteenth Century: Alma Tadema’s The Sculpture Gallery
T. Barton Thurber, Curator of European Art
This lecture was presented in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of the Classical Association of New England’s Summer Institute.

July 16

Black Womanhood Film Festival
The Hood presented a special evening featuring three significant films that explored women’s identities and self-image in Africa and its diasporas. Intermission refreshments were provided by Tastes of Africa.
“Fantacoca” from Africa, Africas by Agnes Ndibi presents the disturbing cultural phenomenon of skin bleaching in Cameroon and the challenge it poses to notions of black pride and identity (23 min.).
Perfect Image?
by Maureen Blackwood exposes stereotypical images of black women and explores women’s own ideas of self worth (30 min.).
BlackWomen On:The Light, Dark Thang
by Celeste Crenshaw and Paula Caffey explores the politics of color within the African American community (52 min.)

July 25
Artist Roundtable Discussion
Performing Black Womanhood: Film, Photography, and New Media Arts
Participants included artists Wangechi Mutu, Ingrid Mwangi, and Berni Searle. Moderated by Rory Bester, independent scholar, South Africa. Performance by Ingrid Mwangi followed.

August 8
Artist Lecture
“Everything That Is Profound Loves the Mask: The Female Masquerade Tradition in Africa”
Esiaba Irobi, Associate Professor of International Theatre at Ohio State University, Athens

September 27
“Art, Antiquity, and Archaeology in Alma-Tadema’s The Sculpture Gallery"

October 2
Symposium, in conjunction with the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding
“Russian Art and Russian Studies in America, 1917-1945”

October 3
Opening Artist Lecture
“Silent Sounds/Invisible Stillness: A Mystery Experienced”
Ben Frank Moss, George Frederick Jewett Professor of Studio Art

October 15
Opening Lecture
“California-Style Watercolors and the Regionalist Impulse in American Art”
Barbara J. MacAdam, Jonathan L. Cohen Curator of American Art

October 24
Opening Lecture
“European Art at Dartmouth, Thirty Years Later—Personal Reflections”
George Shackelford, Class of 1977, President of Art Museum Curators, and Chair, Art of Europe, and Solomon Curator of Modern Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

October 29
“Watercolor Technique from Winslow Homer to John Marin: Methods and Mentors Shaping the California-Style Watercolorists”
Judith C. Walsh, Associate Professor in Paper Conservation, Buffalo State College

November 5
“Angelica Kauffman Making History”
Angela Rosenthal, Associate Professor of Art History

November 7
The Dr. Allen W. Root Contemporary Art Distinguished Lecture
“Absence as Presence: Exploring a Fundamental Representation Mode in (Chinese) Art and Visual Culture”
Wu Hung, Harriet A. Vanderstappen Distinguished Service Professor of Art History, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, College Director, Center for the Art of East Asia, Consulting Curator, Smart Museum of Art, Department of Art History, University of Chicago

November 14
“An Introduction to European Art at Dartmouth
T. Barton Thurber, Curator of European Art

January 14
Opening Lecture
“To Sell or Not to Sell: Looking for Forgotten Basketry Traditions in Native New England”
Dr. Ann McMullen, Curator and Head of Collections Research and Information, National Museum of the American Indian

February 11
“Archaeology of the Tenochtitlan’s Sacred Precinct: Digging in the Heart of the Aztec Capital”
Leonardo Lopez Lujan, Senior Researcher and Director of INAH’s (Mexico’s National Anthropology and History Institute) Templo Mayor Project in Mexico City

February 24
Artist Lecture
“Andrea Modica: Treadwell and Fountain”
Andrea Modica, photographer

February 25
“Interpreting the Dartmouth Claude and the Origins of the Liber Veritatis
Hilliard Goldfarb, Associate Chief Curator, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

April 7
Professional Panel Discussion
Three professionals who work in the field of conflict and reconciliation—Ira Byock M.D., Director of Palliative Medicine at DHMC, Donna Sultura M.S.W., grief counselor, and Laurie Levin, lawyer and mediator—discussed the issues they deal with in their respective professions.

April 14
Lunchtime Faculty Panel Discussion
Three professors, representing the social sciences, the sciences, and the humanities/arts, respectively, discussed issues involving conflict and reconciliation in their work. Navarro discussed the founding of the Women’s Studies Program, Guerinot talked about developing new plant hybrids that will aid in eradicating hunger and detoxifying soil, and Carvajal-Hufschmid considered the role of the arts.

April 16
Ken Yalowitz, The Norman E. McCulloch Jr. Director of the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding

April 17
Opening Lecture
“Wearing Wealth and Styling Identity: Tapis from Lampung, South Sumatra, Indonesia”
Mary-Louise Totton, Assistant Professor of Art History, Frostic School of the Arts, Western Michigan University

April 18
“Cultures of Cloth in Sumatra, Indonesia”
Susan Rodgers, College of the Holy Cross; Fiona Kerlogue, Horniman Museum; Miranda Howard and Mary-Louise Totton, Western Michigan University. Three specialists presented on their own research into textile arts and the textile traditions of Indonesia. A discussion of Wearing Wealth and Styling Identity, moderated by Mary-Louise Totton, followed.

May 5
Collis 101
Molly Bode, Student Assembly President, Andrew Zabel, student leader of Big Green Bus, and Micaela Klein, Inter-Community Council Intern, all participants in the Félix de la Concha portrait project, discussed potential challenges and conflicts facing their generation, including the economic crisis, global warming, and war.

May 8
Question and Answer Session
Artist Félix de la Concha and Brian Kennedy, Director, Hood Museum of Art, discussed the artist’s work and the precedents for and process behind Félix de la Concha: Public Portraits/Public Conversations.

May 6
Artist Lecture
“Bearing Witness: Daniel Heyman’s Portraits of Former Prisoners of Abu Ghraib”
Daniel Heyman, artist and member of the Class of 1985

May 20
“The Dao of the Brush: Aesthetics of Chinese Painting, Poetry, and Calligraphy”
Richard Pegg, Curator of Asian Art, MacLean Collection

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