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Hood Museum of Art
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

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Campus and Community Partnerships

English Department: Writing 5 workshop
English Department: Writing 5 workshop

English Department: Writing 5 workshop
English Department: Writing 5 workshop

English Department: Writing 5 workshop
English Department: Writing 5 workshop

DartHeart on Oct. 16, 2008

Hanover Streetfest
Museum staffers share a lighthearted moment at their booth during the Hanover Streetfest in summer 2008.

In addition to the many programs offered by the Hood Museum of Art, the museum staff participates in a number of partnerships with campus and community organizations. The joint activities resulting from these partnerships respond to joint goals and are far ranging from special tours to participating in greater community events. Below are some new partnerships and a list of others that Hood staff was engaged with in 2008-9.


College Collaborations

Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth
Dartmouth Medical School
Institutional Diversity and Equity


Tours/Workshops/Presentations for College Partners

Dartmouth College Libraries
Dartmouth Alumni Class of ’59
Dartmouth Printing and Mailing Services
First-Year Family Weekend
Hanover Inn
Office of Pluralism and Leadership
Parent Orientation
The Rassias Foundation
Sophomore Parents Weekend
Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
Tuck Alumni
Tuck Partners
Dartmouth College Employee Services Fair
English Department: Writing 5 workshop
Geography Department workshop


Community Collaborations

Hanover After School Program
Howe Library
Kendal at Hanover
Zack’s Place, Woodstock, Vermont
Hanover Streetfest
United Way to Go! Expo


Tours for Community Partners

Brattleboro Museum Teacher Training Program
Clara Martin Center, Bradford
Girl Scouts
Harvard University Museums Membership
International Women’s Club of Hanover
Kimball Union Academy Summer Language Program
NH State Council of the Arts
St. Johnsbury Academy ESL program
The Greens, Hanover
Weavers East (N.H. Weavers Guild)


Learning in the Galleries, 2008-9

A Closer Look

Learning to Look, created by the Hood Museum of Art, is an approach designed to help viewers look carefully and think critically about any work of art they encounter. The approach includes the five steps involved in exploring a work of art: careful observation, analysis, research, interpretation, and critique. Originally developed to equip regional teachers of all grade levels and subjects to integrate art into the curriculum, it is a technique that has proven to be empowering for a much broader audience. For this reason, the museum is creating a new series of brochures called “A Closer Look” that will be available in the galleries for visitors. Each brochure focuses on a single work of art and leads visitors through the Learning to Look technique. The first brochure was introduced in the winter and focuses on the American painting pictured below by Lilly Martin Spencer called The Jolly Washerwoman. Careful observation of the rich visual information included in the painting, coupled with the subsequent stages of inquiry, reveals much about nineteenth-century America, including women’s changing roles, issues of class and immigration, and insights into clothing and laundering practices of the time. The “A Closer Look” brochures are effective tools for visitors who already have some background in art and for those who would like to develop their confidence and skills for interpreting visual objects from diverse cultures and time periods.

Last Updated: 12/22/09