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Hood Museum of Art
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

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Membership and Development (grants, activities, donors)

member course

member course
Participants in the Hood's member course titled European Art at Dartmouth: Highlights from the Hood Museum of Art.

member course
Hood Museum of Art members attend a printing class.

member course

member course
Hood members at the 2009 "Lovers Tiff" event.

member party
Hood members at the Hood's inaugural gala, "One Night in November: The Grand Tour."

Donor Event 2009
A donor event with artist Felix de la Concha in 2009


“The sessions are all interesting, informative, and fun and expand your understanding of the art, making it very accessible.”
—A Hood Museum of Art member after participating in one of the Hood’s new members-only art courses in fall 2008

“The destinations were fabulous. Having the staff from the Hood was great. You knew that you were going to learn.”
—A Hood Museum of Art member after a members-only day trip to The Clark Art Institute, the Williams College Museum of Art, and the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in May 2009.

On July 1, 2008, the Hood Museum of Art launched an independent membership program. The program has been infused with renewed energy and a focus on generating vital support for the educational purpose of the museum. Member contributions are an invaluable resource in helping to provide free access to the museum for everyone and funding for lectures, gallery talks, and symposia, workshops for all ages, family programs, receptions, and tours. Membership gifts also assist in the acquisition of new works of art for teaching and exhibition purposes.

With the help of the Membership Advisory Board and other volunteers, the Hood held its first major fundraising event this year, One Night in November: The Grand Tour. The inaugural biannual gala was inspired by the exhibition European Art at Dartmouth: Highlights from the Hood Museum of Art. Attendees enjoyed a full evening of art adventures, a live auction, reception and dinner, and dancing. Proceeds from the gala and the auction supported programming for approximately forty thousand visitors of all ages.

In recognition for their generosity, we have been pleased to offer member benefits such as free or discounted admission at museums nationwide, priority invitations to special events, and art-focused trips. This year, the museum offered two member-only multi-day courses based on the Hood’s major exhibition of its European art collection. Focusing on paintings, sculptures, and prints, the courses were led by the museum’s Curator of European Art T. Barton Thurber. A sneak preview for upper-level members featured the museum’s exhibition Focus on Photography: Works from 1950 to Today, and in May, more than 40 members participated in a day-trip to three museums: Williamstown College Museum of Art, The Francine and Sterling Clark Art Institute, and Mass MoCA.

The purpose of the Hood Museum of Art is to inspire, educate, and collaborate with our academic and broader communities about creativity and imagination through direct engagement with culturally and historically significant works of art. We are grateful to our members for their support of this effort.

2008-9 Member Advisory Board

The Hood Museum of Art Membership Advisory Board represents the broader community through participation, advocacy, and support, and helps to develop strategies to maintain the museum’s membership base.

Membership Advisory Board Members

Polly Allen
Martha Davis
Judy Elliott
Kate Hewitt
Sandra Hoeh
Joyce Killebrew
David Milne
Henry Nachman
Sylvia Nelson
Don Penfield
Marcus Ratliff
Fran Sherley
Beverly Wakely

Gala Committee

Polly Allen
Judy Elliott
Kate Hewitt, Co-Chair
Joyce Killebrew, Co-Chair
Henry Nachman, Co-Chair
Benjamin Schore

Art in Bloom Committee

Polly Allen
Ginia Allison
Marguerite Collier
Ann Davis
Judy Elliott
Julia Fifield, Honorary Event Chair
Kate Hewitt
Joyce Killebrew
Fran Sherley
Beverly Wakely, Chair

Office Volunteer

Donna Reilly



Financial contributions

Contributions are from donors to the Hood Museum of Art from 1982 through June 30, 2009.

* Indicates current members of the Hood Museum of Art.

$1,000,000 plus
Judith D. and Charles H. Hood*
Kent M. Klineman
Allison Morrow and Jonathan L. Cohen*

Constance and Walter Burke*
Jane and W. David Dance
Virginia Rice Kelsey and Reverend Preston T. Kelsey*
Parnassus Foundation/Jane and Raphael Bernstein

Kirsten and Peter B. Bedford*
Jerome R. Goldstein
Kristy L. and Robert L. Harteveldt*
Jane Lombard
Elizabeth R. and David C. Lowenstein
May Alice and David R. Raynolds
Leila M. and Melville Straus
Janet and John S. Tamagni*

Barbara Bares and Marc F. Efron*
Celeste W. Cheatham
Hugh J. Freund, Esq.*
Charles L. Greenebaum
Mary Bert and Alvin P. Gutman*
Yoko Otani Homma and Shunichi Homma*
Pamela J. Joyner and Alfred J. Giuffrida*
Julia and Edward E. Hansen
Wan Ryun Kim Andrew B. Kim
Sarah A. and Werner H. Kramarsky
Patricia and Robert A. Levinson*
Charles M. Liddle, III*
Olivia C. Hood Parker and John O. Parker*
Barbara and James S. Reibel, M.D.
Bonnie F. and Richard Reiss Jr.*
Linda and Frederick A. Roesch*
Richard H. Rush
Benjamin Schore*
Barbara Dau Southwell and David P. Southwell*
Sundry Donors
Frederick B. Whittemore
Joanne S. and Walter C. Wilson

Dartmouth Class of 1955
Dartmouth Class of 1967
John J. Dau
Jennifer A. and W. Patrick Gramm
Arline Greenleaf
Vail K. Haak Jr.
Honorable Barbara J.R. Jones*
Joan and Remsen M. Kinne, III*
Claire and Richard P. Morse
Beverly and David B. Payne
Shirley G. Sanders*
Shirley G. and Henry M. Sanders
Constance and Stephen H. Spahn
Julia Strickland and Timothy Wahl*

Brooke B. and James R. Adler
Anonymous #335
Diana L. and Richard I Beattie
Carol and Judson Bemis*
James A. Block
Betsy Blumenthal and Jonathan D. Root, M.D.
Judith M. and Russell L. Carson
Rebecca Greenleaf Clapp
Marilyn T. and Robert Clements*
Estate of Russell Cowles
Robert Dance*
Dartmouth Class of 1933
Dartmouth Class of 1934
Dartmouth Class of 1935
Dartmouth Class of 1948
Dartmouth Class of 1949
Dartmouth Class of 1952
Marianne and Thomas G. Davies
Monroe A. Denton Jr.
Carol and Rodney F. DuBois*
Burton Elliot
Margaret T. and Henry H. Erbe, III
Elizabeth W. and Mark T. Gates Jr.
Frederick W. Geissinger
Marilyn and Allan H. Glick
Sondra G. and Celso Gonzalez-Falla
Ann R. Greenleaf
Estate of John H. Mudie, Ph.D.
James E. Guth and John R. Murrow*
Diantha C. and George C. Harrington, Esq.*
Frank L. Harrington Jr.
Patricia Hewitt and Dale C. Christensen Jr.*
Karen M. and Robert A. Hoehn*
Margaret Fellner Hunt and James K. Hunt
Katherine D. and John H. Krehbiel, III
Ann R. Leven
Marina Weitzner Lewin and Andrew E. Lewin*
David M. Lilly
Stephen A. Lister*
Drewry E. and Frank A. Logan*
Sally Shove Lutz and Christopher Lutz
Mary Ann S. and Barry L. MacLean*
Steffi Masur
Jennifer Root Mayer, M.D. and Peter L. Mayer, M.D.
Anne A. and Russell K. Mayerfeld*
Shirley A. and J. Donald McNamara
Sally and William H. Neukom
Nancy Newcomb and John A. Hargraves*
Judith and Samuel D. Ostrow
Judy and Thomas E. Oxman, M.D.*
Jane F. and Richard M. Page
Sandra Jetton and David V. Picker
Jan Seidler Ramirez and Carlos Ramirez*
Andrew K. Rayburn*
Steve Roth
Patricia and Bernard R. Siskind
James D. Smiley
Katherine M. Smith
Judith A. and Richard A. Steinberg*
Mary and Michael R. Steinharter
Pamela J, and Peter A. Vogt
Jean K. Weil
Robert S. Weil*
Virginia and Robert S. Weil
Ruth J. Wellington
Gretchen S. and Robert O. Wetzel*

Deborah and Robert Z. Aliber*
William N. Banks Jr.
L. Graeme Bell, III
Richard J. Blum and Harriet L. Warm*
Jon M. Burnham
Marcia T. and Joseph S. Caldwell, III
Robert W. Christy
Dartmouth Class of 1951
Lisa N. and Donald L. Drakeman
Kathleen and Richard S. Fuld Jr.
Virginia M. and James W. Giddens*
McLean M. Grant
Alden Guild
Frederick B. Henry
John J. Jerue
Sandra and James C. Katzman*
Gloria and Richard F. LaRoche Jr.
Mary E. Liebman
Adele B. Marks
Jane K. and Peter J. McLaughlin*
Elinor B. and George B. Munroe
Ann and A. Brooks Parker, III
Nancy G. Parker*
Sarah S. and Ray L. Powers Jr.
Kenneth Roman
Claude A. Saucier
Marilyn and David R. Slade
Donald H. Smith*
Mrs. Max Wasserman
Laurie J. Weil, D.V.M.
Henry W. Williams Jr.
Margot A. and M. Paul Zimmerman

Roger A. Anderson
Anonymous #513
Anne and Horatio W. Bacon*
DeWitt C. Baker, III
Cynthia and Raymond J. Barrette*
Marvin Baten
Philip E. Beekman*
Marguerite P. and Lee P. Berlin
Charlotte C. and Charles W. Bimba Jr.*
Debra and Leon D. Black
Joseph T. Blumstein
Everett F. Britz Jr.
Paul S. Cantor
Lauren S. and Derrick R. Cartwright
Robert Chenard
Donald J. Clausing
Ann and Harte C. Crow, M.D.
Dartmouth Alumni Club of Los Angeles
Dartmouth Class of 1937
Dartmouth Class of 1960
Alan E. Donnenfeld, M.D.
Eric D. Donnenfeld, M.D.
Neil D. Donnenfeld
William Michael Dreyer
Nancy and Donald S. Dworken, M.D.
Peter M. Fahey
Anne C. Feighner
Theodora L. Feldberg
John A. Friede
David Furman
Joseph H. Geller
Thomas R. George
John L. Giegerich Jr.
Sidney H. Goldman, M.D.
Lane W. Goss
Frances and Jack B. Harris
Inta S. and Bruce H. Hasenkamp*
John H. Hatheway*
Maryellen C. and Frank C. Herringer
Carl B. Hess
Katharine and David C. Hewitt*
John A. Higginson
Gary Russell Huber and John L. Huber*
Debbie S. Simmons Jaffe and Robert M. Jaffe
Lynn D. and Robert F. Johnston*
Judy and Earle W. Kazis
Cynthia N. Kettyle, M.D. and William M. Kettyle, M.D.
Joyce C. and Paul K. Killebrew
Madeleine G. Lister
Jan and John B. Lovelace
Lucretia L. and Peter B. Martin*
Elizabeth and Michael B. Mayor, M.D.*
David N. Mechlin
Mrs. John F. Meck*
Alice and William G. Moir*
Melissa Ann and Mark A. Myers
Victoria H. Hirsch Myhren and Trygve Myhren
Amy P. and Henry Nachman Jr.*
Sylvia A. and Harry D. Nelson Jr.*
Nancy D. and Thomas F. O’Neill, III
Mrs. David F. Phillips
Marcus Ratliff*
Donna and Charles C. Reilly*
Katherine Duff Rines*
Janet and Allen W. Root, M.D.*
Michael J. Root*
Timothy F. Rub
Stewart Sanders
Brinna B. and Frank E. Sands, II
Emilia Seibold
Frederick Carl Seibold
George T.M. Shackelford
Frima and Gilbert L. Shapiro, M.D.
Jill E. and Howard F. Sharfstein
Stanley C. Smoyer
Edward L. Storrs
Vernon F. Taylor Jr.
Ann M. and Richard P. Vonhoorn
Elizabeth Wakeman*
Gail and John H.L. Wasson, M.D.
Jeffrey F. Welles
Lynne V. and Huntley R. Whitacre*
Joanne and Douglas Wise
Karen Anne and Thomas N. Wise, M.D.
Dorothy W. Wortmann, M.D. and Robert L. Wortmann, M.D.*
Judy Yun

Harry W. Anderson
Maxwell L. Anderson
Felicia B. Axelrod, M.D. and Robert F. Porges, M.D.
Elizabeth H. Baker
Karen Berlin
Ann and Joel I. Berson*
Gilda and Henry Block
Marilyn and William B. Bowers
Gerald L. Boyd
Daphne and Robert J. Bransten*
Marion Bratesman
Stuart Bratesman Jr.
Bruce L. Brown
Ross T. Buchanan and Sharon M. Flanagan
Marcia E. and Robert A. Burka
Maureen and R. Stephen Cheheyl Jr.
Lynne H. Church and James H. Skiles, III
Polly R. and William S. Clark*
Marjorie T. and Russell A. Cook*
Elizabeth E. Craig
Robert M. Cummings
Elizabeth and Robert H. Davidson Jr.
Douglas M. Duffy
Robert D. Eckerson
John J. Egan Jr.
Judy and Jack Elliott*
Philip S. Fast
Maxwell R. Feinberg
Marianne and Jack M. Ferraro
Gerald J. Fogarty, III
Martin Friedman
Jane and Charles W. Gaillard
Michael Geller
Monroe Geller
Steven J. Goldstein, M.D.
Sarita Gonzalez-Oliver
George A. Graham*
Nora Graham
Philip H. Greene*
Arthur T. Gregorian
Herbert F. Grove, II
Harry A. Hanson Jr.
Thomas B. Harrington
Frances and Walter H. Herbert, M.D.*
Robert W. Hewitt*
Peter N. Heydon
Ronald A. Hirsch
Thomas M. Hotaling
William E. Hotaling*
Jean Hoyt
Edward M. Jennings
Beverly Jean and Wayne E. Johnson
Mary and Richard J. Kelly
Mary Kuechenmeister*
Diane Kirkpatrick
Sandra and Robert R. Kugler
Joy and Richard P. Lacey
Edward Connery Lathem
Wilfredo J. Lebron
Karyl M. and Ronald I. Lemberger
Harry T. Lewis Jr.
Andrew J. Ley and Carol P. Searle
Ann Marie and Dennis P. Lynch*
A. David Mangelsdorff
Sheila and Lawrence T. Markin
Myra and William H. Mathers
Thomas P. McDermott
Timothy M. McKenna
Kynaston L. McShine
Jill Michaels and Albert Zielenski
Joyce H. and David W. Milne
Aaron Milrad
Margaret C. and William J. Montgomery*
W. Bradley Morehouse
Amy R. and Joseph R. Morel*
Dana E. and Charles E. Nearburg
Joe Novak
Mae Novak
Leslie and John L. Oberdorfer
Robert A. Perkins
Martha and Samuel R. Peterson
John H. Pilling
Reverend Christine F. Purcell and Robert E. Purcell Jr., M.D.*
Consuelo and Robert W. Purvis Jr., M.D.
William J. Reilly
Jennifer K. Reining
Theodora and William L. Reynolds
Gloria S. and Raymond F. Richard
Sylvia Richards*
Samuel R. Roberts
Anthony Z. Roisman*
Margery and Paul Rosenberg
E. John Rosenwald Jr.
Naomi A. Rubin
H. Duke Shackelford
David C. Sickel
Norton Q. Sloan
Robert S. Smith
Anne F. Spencer
Jean and Bayne Stevenson*
John M. Stevenson
Kathryn E. Taylor and Weyman I. Lundquist
Margaret E.M. Tunnell
Arthur S. Wensinger
Joshua C. Wesoky*
John Wilmerding
Beverly R. and Daniel H. Wolf
Judith and Norris D. Wolff
Amy H. Wood
Susan DeBevoise Wright and James Wright*

Mary A. and Arthur E. Allen Jr.
Peter H. Armstrong*
Richard H. Barr
Jane and James E. Barrett
Libby R. Behar
Sandra and Paul H. Black, M.D.
Ruth and Peter A. Bleyler
Carolyn Bullard
Jeffrey L. Brown and Kathryn Corbin
Gayle S. and Andrew L. Camden
Finn M.W. Caspersen
Brian Catlin, M.D.*
Susan and James R. Cohen*
Judith Cross
Martha and Joseph L. Davis Jr.*
Closey and S. Whitney Dickey*
Mary P. Fillinger M.D. and Mark F. Fillinger M.D.*
Bernice G. Gold
Katherine Hart
Sandra U. Hoeh*
Jeffrey L. Horrell
Sophia C. Hutson*
Mrs. Ralph Lasbury
David N. Loew
G. Robert Macdonald
J. Michael McGean
Ellen and Anthony Merlis, M.D.*
Richard K. Myler, M.D.
Ann S. and Fredric D. Price
Gregory S. Prince Jr.
Douglas Schwalbe
Marianne and David P. Spalding
John B. Spring
Jeffrey Stahl
Josiah Stevenson, IV
Charles A. Steward
Marion P. Swogger*
Nina Tasi and Charles A. Brunell*
Barbara Thompson
Beverly B. and Norman Wakely*
Judith and Charles L. Weinberg
Zella M. and Philip H. White, M.D.
Susan Williamson
Elizabeth and James W. Wooster, III*

Bennett Aisenberg
Sharon E. and Carl D. Andrysiak*
Paul Anbinder
K. Sandra Anderson and Reeve C. Williams
Tanash H. Atoynatan
Geni G. and Paul K. Ayars Jr., M.D.
Anne Baird and Stephen Campbell
Susan Baker*
Brenda B. and C. Peter Bankart
Robert Baraff, M.D.
Clifford Barr
Jacquelynn Baas*
Amelia and Richard D. Baughman, M.D.*
Chrysanthi and Peter A. Bien*
Henry M. Beck Jr.
Phoebe P. Bender
Charles E. Benisch
David Berlew and Meryl Louis*
Linda and Charles T. Berry
Harry Beskind and Virginia Swain
Wayne C. Beyer
Marion and Putnam W. Blodgett*
Ruth E. and Richard K. Blodgett
Alfred A. Blum Jr.
Carol Boerner and David Bowen
William R. Bogardus
Jane O. and Johnson S. Bogart
Cheryl Boghosian and Neil Roth*
Varujan Boghosian*
Mary S. Bowden
Sharleen and Lawrence P. Bowen M.D.
Alexander C. Boyd and Katharine O. Holdsworth
Carol L. and Thomas J. Brandi
Susan Braunstein, M.D. and Ethan M. Braunstein, M.D.
Trudi Brock and Paul Kristensen
Betty C. Bullock
B. Bernai Burgunder Jr.
G. Steven Burrill
Ames Byrd*
Dorothy M. and John J. Byrne Jr.
J. Norton Cabell
Eleanor Caldwell
Margaret and Edward W. Campion, M.D.
Nancy A. and Conrad W. Carter
Lisa G. Cashdan and Peter R. Stein*
Mildred and Charles Chamberlain*
Lo-Yi Chan
Priscilla P. and William M. Chester Jr.*
Carol J. and Ming W. Chin
Jennie Jay Chin and Harry Chin
Judith and John Chypre
Richard W. Clapp and Paula Georges
Christina and Ray G. Clark*
Marguerite and Robert D. Collier
Elizabeth Connor
Louise B. and Warren C. Cook
Linda and Frederic J. Cowen
Joseph E. Cresci
Marilyn R. and Robert W. Crichlow, M.D.*
Hellen Darion*
Jane and Robert D. Darrach*
Martha and Peter Diebold*
Burt N. Dorsett
Tammi Marie Dowd*
Suzanne R. and Leo Dworsky
Katharine and Walter L. Eaton Jr., M.D.
Georgia L. and William S. Eggeling
Sally A. and E. Gilbert Ellenberger
John S. Engleman
John F. Eppich
Alan R. Epstein
Margaret F. Edwards and David M. Green*
Iris M. and Robert D. Fanger
Barbara and Oscar H. Feldman
Joyce W. and Robert J. Fieldsteel
Marjorie K. and Charles F. Fortgang
Tina Clark-Samazan Foster, M.D.*
Gary D. Geller
Judith T. George*
Mary V. and Charles P. Giersch
Caroline and John J. Gilbert*
Peter Michael Gish
Bernice B. Godine
Judith Golden
Frederick Goldstein
Joan S. and Harold Gordon
Mary B. and Stephen Gorman*
Deborah Gormley
Suzanne H. and James H. Gottling*
Marion W. Grassi*
Christina G. Graybard and Nicholas F. Mirra
Alice N. Green*
Susan and Lewis J. Greenstein*
Karen and Richard D. Grefe
Alice K. and Warren S. Hance*
Jerry Harbour
Greg G. Harris
Helen R. Hauge
Ann M. and Keith W. Hazelwood
Polly B. and Charles M. Hebble Jr.*
Anne E. and John M. Hill Jr.*
Brenda Hillyer
Janet and Charles R. Hoeveler
Mari-Elizabeth Hoffman
Romer and Deming P. Holleran*
Ann A. and Frank P. Holloway*
Mary K. and James Houlihan
Mrs. Ralph E. Hunter
Mrs. Franc D. Ingraham
Amy and John Isaacs
Joy and Thomas R. Jackson
Susan B. and Gary Jacobson, M.D.
Emily and Gerard Jones*
Jeffrey H. James and Paul J. Travers
Rita and Edwin L. Johnson
George W. Johnston
Barbara Jones and Bin Lewis
Governor Madeleine M. Kunin and John W. Hennessey*
Linda and Gustav E. Lienhard*
William H. Judd, III
Ann and Charles R. Justice*
Anne and Joseph L. Kagle Jr.
William S. Kanaga
Carolyn N. and Frederic S. Kaufman*
Jane M. and Richard L. Kaufman
Marsha and John C. Kelly
A. Amy Kilkenny
Trix and Charles B. Officer*
Nancy R. Kollisch and Jeffrey H. Pressman
Kristin Kronenberg
Myron Landgraf
Charles B. Langley and Jeanne S. Pash
Ruth J. and Fredrick K. Lappin
Priscilla D. and Julien J. LeBourgeois
Harold McIver Leich
Jeffrey E. LeSueur
Rosanne M. and John R. Lobitz
Thomas H. Logan Jr.
Hamilton Lokey Jr., M.D.
Louise M. and Daniel S. Longnecker, M.D.
Elisabeth W. and Donald G. Magill Jr.*
Robert J. Mahoney
Vera G. Mallory and Reverend R. De Witt Mallary Jr.*
Theresa and Edward Mallett
Susan and John T. Manarus
Kathryn and John Manchester*
Claire A. and James J. Marchiano
Robert E. Mark
Meo Markovitz
Nancy Marshall and Stanley Fishkin
Helen H. and Ronald M. Martin
Constance and Charles J. Matuszak, M.D.
Doraleen and Lawrence B. McArthur Jr.
Joan and Andrew C. McCulloch
Mary McDougal
Christine and Leo C. McKenna
James R. McNamara
Charlene R. McPherson
Deborah and Stephen S. Meinikoff
Ellen S. and Bruce A. Miller
William H. Milton, III
Evangeline and Gerald Monroe*
Anne Montgomery*
Daniel F. Morley
Marianne and Ronald W. Mortara, M.D.
Claire A. and Allan U. Munck*
Jacqueline and Dale P. Murphy, M.D.
Peter S. Myers
Jutta U. and Alioune P. N’Dao
Merle R. and Leonard M. Nelson
Lloyd C. Nintzel
Rosita M. and Phillip S. Olson
Joann and Zygmon Onacki
Phyllis and Nicholas R. Orem
Mary and David Otto
Jane and George H. Palmer
Carolyn A. Pelzel and Bruce R. McClintock
Annette D. and Edward Pfister
Elizabeth W. and William C. Pierce
Susan J. Pierson and Judson T. Pierson Jr.
John R. Pingree
John D. Pope
Leslie and Alexander Potter*
Jane and Jerome S. Putnam, M.D.
Mrs. Oliver Quayle, III
Sally A. and Ellis A. Regenbogen
Carol A. Rennie
Diane and Les Riman
Fern H. Robinson
Steven Roose, M.D.
Barbara and Jay Rosenfield*
Arline and Barry S. Rotman
Adrienne and James S. Rudolph
Mrs. Emil Rueb
Priscilla and Peter W. Runstadler*
Elisabeth W. and Angus M. Russell
Karen L. and John H. Sanders Jr., M.D.*
Jane O. Sargent*
Molly P. and Edward M. Scheu Jr.*
Carol and David B. Sclove
Jeanne S. and Michael K. Shafer, D.D.S.
Mortimer Shapiro
Fran Sherley
Jerome E. Siegel
Ronald P. Silvi
Sandra E. and Charles M. Sledd
Franklin Smallwood
Eva Muller Smith
Madlyn R. and William M. Smith*
Marilyn Smith
Anstiss Hunt and Austin L. Smithers*
Joan Perry Snell and J. Laurie Snell, Ph.D*
Victor D. Spark
John D. Spooner
David G. Stahl, D.M.D.
Lynne S. and John C. Stahler
Anne W. and Andrew R. Steele*
Betsy and Bruce R. Stefany
Sandra B. and Peter Stettenheim*
Mrs. Robert W. Stoddard
Sheryl and Mitchell A. Stotland
Elizabeth and Robert Stragnell
Patricia and Gordon A. Thomas
Cynthia S. Thompson
Susan and Mark Valence
Ann Van Etten James and Jim James
Richard Waddell
Susan W. and Timothy J. Wagg
Kathryn and Edward I. Walkley, II, M.D.
Mary E. Wallace
Suzanne H. and Graham B. Wallis*
Linda Pachett and Brian F. Walsh*
Aline J. and Joseph E. Wankow
Anne R. Wardwell
Sherry and Lyndon D. Waugh, M.D.
Susan E. Weeks*
Betty and Edward A. Weisenfeld*
Joseph B. Whyland
Linda Hochman Wilkinson
Jennifer A. and Stanton N. Williams
J. Peter Williamson
Mary N. Wolff
Patricia B. Wolff, M.D. and Michael A. Wolff
Helen H. and Arthur L. Wood, Ph.D.*
Kristin Wood and Rt. Reverend R. Stewart Wood Jr.
Nancy Mary and Charles F. Yeagle, III, M.D.
Beverly and Howard S. Zagor*

John W. Adams*
Lynn Adams and Simon Carr*
Beatrice and Heywood Alexander*
Virginia P. and Huntly Allison*
Edythe and Jay H. Anderson*
Carol A. and James I. Armstrong*
Joan Ashley*
Lucy and Henry Atkins Jr.*
James Atkinson
Rachel R. Aubrey*
Thelma W. Babbitt
Jeanne E. and Perry A. Ball, M.D.
Wendy and James Barrett*
Cynthia H. and David K. Barton*
Peggy C. and Pierce A. Baugh*
Mrs. Thaddeus Beal
Charlotte Belser
Jan B. Bent*
Judith E.L. and James L. Bernat, M.D.
Alexander A. Bernhard and Myra Mayman
Amy Bernhardt and James Sargent*
Joanne L. and Eugene R. Bertozzi*
John K. Binswanger
Harry H. Bird, M.D.
Pieter and Richard W. Birnie*
Hilda Bleyer and Marvin Sparrow*
Elizabeth Brackett*
Margaret and Richard Brannen, O.D.*
JoAnn and Frank Browning*
Ellen M. and William T. Brydges*
Jane and Robert M. Buchanan*
Diana Bulman
Joan Burchenal
Jean and Peter Burling*
Frieda J. and Prentiss Carnell*
Jacqueline and Edward J. Carroll*
Ann B. Carter*
Margaret A. Caudill-Slosberg, M.D., Ph.D. M.P.H and Richard Slosberg, M.D.
Janice and Robert J. Chapman, M.D.
Nancy Chase*
Asaph Churchill
Katharine M. and Kevin Coburn*
Bernice S. Cohen*
Liz R. Cole and Charles N. Cole*
Amanda and Kingsley Colton*
Aila and Sy Conarck*
Sharon Corrigan
Susan and Jonathan C. Crane*
Pamela Crary*
Jacqueline and Hershner Cross*
Marjorie and Courtland J. Cross
James W. Crowell
Helen D. and Robert E. Crupi
Suzanne and Neil Daniels*
Jean and J. Andrew Danver, III
Sara L. and Robert A. Danziger*
Lois K. and Daniel P. Darrow
Lori B. and James R. Davis
Mildred Davison
Maria-Helene de Laire*
Joan Marie and Robert M. Desky*
Susan L. and Walter R. Dewees Jr.*
Jane and Bradley Dewey*
Elizabeth and William P. Dietrich*
Gertrude and Robert H.T. Dodson*
Mary and Robert B. Donin*
Martha Drake
Mary S. Drummond*
Analee P. Durant*
Mrs. William Eagleson Jr.
Patricia W. Eckels
LeRoy L. Eldredge Jr., M.D.
Asoong L. and Rogers Elliott*
Judy and Jack Elliot
Anne V.V. and Eric A. Evans*
James A. Hughes
Pamela Ely and Richard N. Husband Jr.
Wendy E. Emery*
Charlotte Z. and Kingsley Ervin
Ella A. Erway
Anne and Harlan W. Fair
Barbara and Brian W. Faughnan*
Charles S. Faulkner, II M.D.
Katharine B. and Walter L. Fisher*
John C. Foley
Joel A. Fournier
Linda and Stephens M. Fowler*
Phyllis Fox*
Edward Fraioli
Deborah and Robert Franzoni*
Ruth Friend and Michael Trimpi
Bettie Fuller
Beth and Joseph Furstenthal
Elizabeth J. Jenkins*
Margaret and Michael Galbraith*
Dori and John A. Galton*
Jane E. Garfinkel
Charles M. Geilich
Deborah S. Gilbert
Goodwin O. Gilman*
Elizabeth and John H. Sanders Jr., M.D.*
Ann Kelleran*
Patricia T. Glowa, M.D. and Donald O. Kollisch, M.D.
James C. Gold*
Penny and James Gold, M.D.
Joan M. Goldburgh
Penni and Michael Golowka*
Lillian and Donald C. Goss*
Althea and Paul Goundrey
Constance S. Gourdeau
Clair E. Grant*
Joyce and William B. Griffen*
Louise and Walter Griggs, M.D.*
Shirley K. Griggs
Mary Lou Guerinot and C. Robertson McClung*
Elizabeth Haartz*
Barbara and Thomas P. Hall*
Deborah J. Hall and James C. Woods*
Dorothy Hall*
Edith Ham*
Suzanne E. Harding
Ann D. and Robert F. Hargraves
Anne Gay and Frederic C. Hartman*
Anne and George H. Hartmann*
Barbara D. Hawthorne*
Priya Venkatesan and Ezra Hays
John D. Heavenrich
Bonnie B. and Armin B. Hemberger
Richard Herman
Lin and Henry N. Herndon*
Helene and William A. Hickey*
Grace Hope Hill*
Suzanne and Jeffrey H. Hinman*
Amy and Paul E. Hoffman*
Virginia R. and Robert K. Holbrook*
Irene Hollister*
Barbara and Jeffrey Holmes*
Harry P. Hood
Heidi and Garlan Hoskin*
Caroline R. and E. Fletcher Hosmer*
Frank E. Hotchkiss
Megan M. and Robert F. Houser*
Honorable Martha A. Grace and Nason A. Hurowitz*
Barbara R. and Ralph E. Hutchins*
Elva and Charles E. Hutchinson*
Mary Lou and Craig M. Jackson
Judith M. and Nicholas Jacobs
Rosemarie and W. Scribner Jelliffe*
Elizabeth H. and Edward P. Johnson Jr.
Marianne M. and Stephen Jordan, M.D.*
Natasha Josefowitz, Ph.D. and Herman Gadon, Ph.D.
Susan E. Kastan
Susanne and Ralph Katz
R. Sue and Dennis M. Kaufman*
Joanne and Alan C. Keiller
Ann and S. Leonard Kent*
Joan Kidder*
Michael King*
Janet Klark*
Robert Z. Klein, M.D.*
Carolyn R. Kohn
John Koiter
Marvin C. Korengold
Marvin Kornfeld, M.D.
John Kucer*
Virginia Lane
Donna and John Largent, III*
Caroline M. Lathrop
Carola Lea*
Dianne L. and Gary M. Levine, M.D.
Daniela Ligett and Michael S. Morton*
Kay G. and Larry H. Litten
Margaret D. Little*
Kathryn J. Lively*
Nancy E. and Gordon Luce*
Nancy and William F. Luebbert*
Sylvia Lynch
Mary B. MacCracken*
Josette M. and Raymond C. Malley*
Katherine and Leon I. Mann, M.D.
Sarah J. Warner Manuel and Ralph N. Manuel*
Gail W. and David Marcus*
Tracy N. Martin and David T. Gross
Mary Masland
Harrington K. Mason
Mrs. Eric T. Mayer*
Luanne Mayo
Ana M. Mayor
Dorothy and Norman E. McCulloch Jr.*
Audrey and Robert W. McCollum, M.D.*
Cynthia C. McFadden*
Marjorie J. H. and Richard D. McFarland*
Sheila M. and Frank E. McGinity
Kathleen and Peter M. McGowan*
O. Ross McIntyre, M.D.*
Edith and Paul G. McNamara*
Ruth and Edwin C. Mead*
Suzanne and Alexander G. Medlicott, Ph.D.*
Carolyn P. and Peter C. Mertz
John C. Miller
Loye W. Miller Jr.*
Wynne W. Miller
Nancy H. and James M. Mitchell Jr.*
Gail and Frederick J. Moore
Esther M. and Mark M. Morris
Barbara and Lyle Moses*
John T.B. Mudge*
Judy S. and John E. Munter
Frances V. M. Murray*
Betty S. Musser*
Margaret H. and John R. Myer*
Ann and Anthony Neidecker
Samantha Neukom
Barbara D. and Allan B. Newton
Sharon and Richard E. Nordgren, M.D.*
Anita and Robert Z. Norman
Alice D. and Charles Nulsen*
Ardis L. Olsen, M.D. and Allen J. Dietrich, M.D.*
Claire B. and John L. Olsen*
Jane and Richard S. Olson*
Karen B. and Paul H. Orsillo
Elisabeth Osborn
Honor J. and Christian H. Passow
Elizabeth A. Perley*
Suzanne and Glenn P. Phillips
Susan and Robert Pitiger*
Mrs. Woodman B. Pomeroy*
Nancy W. and Stuart Pompian*
Margaret R. and Avery D. Post
Robin and Joseph T. Pych*
Mary Bergquist Quinton-Barry and James J. Barry*
Alfred T. Quirk*
Eda and Leo Rabinovitz*
Joseph F. Raffetto
Jane and Bud A. Ralph*
Roswitha V. and Michael M. Ransmeier*
Amanda W. Ratliff, M.D. and Marcus G. Ratliff
Charles T. Rauscher*
Jacqueline and Charles L. Ravaris, M.D.*
David Richardson*
Lise and John Richardson Jr., M.D.
Susan and Walter D. Richter*
Elizabeth and Charles A. Riley, M.D.
Isabel C. Riley*
Mary L. and Harold C. Ripley*
Maureen O. and Gregory Ripple*
Sarah H. and David H. Roberts
Kathryn and David W. Roberts, M.D.*
Mark T. Roberts*
Maurice A. Roberts Jr.
Ellen and George Robertson*
Paul Rothe
Linda D. Rydman*
Margaret Sadler and Paul L. Gross
Charlotte J. Sanborn*
Jane C. and Franklin D. Sanders
Carolyn and Louis Sapir
Jill G. and John T. Schiffman
Flo Peet and Julian Scholl*
Sylvia H. and Robert J. Scholnick
John T. Schuck
Rosemarie Scibetta*
Audre and Raymond Sears Jr.
Dolores Sheehan
Hugh V. Sickel
Bonnie and David L. Siegal, M.D.*
Carolyn and Thomas H. Simon*
Donna M. and Mark K. Sisitsky
Peter Smith
Mrs. Walter A. Sobel
Joanne and Robert Sohrweide
Allen E. Spalt
Sophie Sparrow and Chris Eldredge*
Joseph D. Spound
Janice M. Spydell*
Eleanor B. Stephenson
Rosalind A. Stevens, M.D. and John C. Cavender, M.D.
Judith and Douglas Swager
Alan D. Talbot*
Suzanne N. and Peter B. Talbot*
Jill and Stuart Tane
Sheila S. Harvey Tanzer*
Margaret C. Taussig
Dr. George W. Thorn
Mary Louise and Alan M. Thorndike
Judy and Garrett Thrasher*
Ella S. Tobelman*
Linda and Edward Tober
Viola E. Torkelson*
Paula and Gerald Van Tsai*
Lucinda H. and James W. Varnum*
Pat Vlamynck*
S. Morton Vose
Sarah Wallace
Tracy and Robert G. Walsh*
Anne R. Wardell
Susan Weeks and Peter Zdunczyk*
Barbara J. and Rodney C. Wendt*
Sandra L. and Maynard B. Wheeler, M.D.
Elaine and William E. Whitaker
Harry L. Wildasin, M.D.
Virginia N. Wilkinson*
Ted Williamson
Mary J. Wilson and Theodore R. Eck
Suzanne T. and D. Austin Wood*
Kathryn Elaine and Thomas D. Woodruff
Frances and John D. Wright Jr., Ph.D.*
Paul F. Young
Robert B. Young

Donald G. Abbott
Jane D. Adams
C.J.S. Allan
Timothy Allard
Barry J. Alperin
David Z. Anatole
Mary L. and James K. Appleton
Marjorie S. and Peter Aptakin
Richard B. Aronson and Lisa Young
Dongkyu Bak
Emily P. Bakemeier
Gretchen A. Baker
Nina and Roy W. Banwell Jr.
Mary Joyce Barrett
Christine A. and Donald Bartlett Jr., M.D.
Nancy Bates
G.D. Belin
Eugene R. Bellows
John M. Benzian
Cynthnia and Norman A. Berg
Daniel Berk
Laura B. and Fred Berthold Jr., Ph.D.
Peter Blewett
Hilda Bleyer
Jerome M. Block, M.D.
Marjorie Boley
Mary N. Boyle
Ann D. and David H. Bradley
Catherine Brandewie
Ronald R. Bresnahan
Barbara H. Brown
Mrs. James L. Brunson
Lillian P. Burke, M.D.
Frances L. Burnett
Jocelyn E. and Craig J. Cain
Vincent J. Caiola
Caroline Cannon-Spaulding and Whit Spaulding
Robert L. Chambers
Philip Chicoine
Stephen P. Cho
Terri M. Clerico
Davenport Cleveland
Virginia L. Close
Malcolm Cochran
Esther Cohen
James Washington Cole
Amanda and Kingsley Colton*
Dorothy Converse
John G. Crane
Van F. and Wayne Crawford*
Deborah D. and Laurence D. Cromwell, M.D.
John D. Culkin
Prudence M. Dane
Frederic R. Dawe
Thomas P. Dea
David Dearborn
Victoria Degoff
Mrs. Robert R. Diefendorf
Dean A. Edson
B.A. Eissner
Herbert Epstein
Elfrieda and Robert F. Esler
Constance D. Farnsworth
Gilbert Fields
David M. Fine
Stephen L. Fine
Martha Fitch
Naomi and James M. Fitzgibbons
Katherine and Robert Y. Fox
Elizabeth and Alfred L. Freund
Thomas L. Friedman
Gilbert E. Fuller
Dr. Palmer H. Flutcher
Daniel Geller
Rebecca and Greg J. Gepner, M.D.
Claude C. Gibson
Ruth and Frank D. Gilroy
Murray J. Glaser
Denice T. Glover
Philip Godley
Daniel B. Goggin
Elaine and Milton Goldberg
Robert Golden
George W. Goodman
Mrs. Frank H. Gordon
Shirley D. and Seymour H. Gordon
Veronica Greenan
Margaret H. and Earnest Thomas Greene
Paul E. Gricus
Ester C. Grover
Lynn H. and Virgil B. Grow
Marion L. Hamburg
Eugenia Handler and Joel Watson
Elmer Harp
Bartlett Harwood
Jane Haskell
Marjorie Hausman
Yvonne F. and Robert T. Herz
Barbara Hibbitts
Phoebe Hicken
Patricia and Paul E. Highberg
Susan K. Horst
Elizabeth P. Hough
Toni Hovor
Jean A. Howe
Robert Jaarsma
Roger Johnson
Jean M. Johnston, M.D.
Marva Jones
James M. Jordan
Joanne D. Just
Lisa Q. Kaija
Adene Kalaidijan
Edward M. Kaplan
Phyllis B. and Arnold M. Katz, M.D.
Bonnie M. Kerrigan
Philip F. Kukura
William H. Ladd
Gladys W. Lamont
Richard M. Lansburgh
David E. LaPonsee
Sally Lather
Leland Lawrence
A.M. Lawton
Mary D. Layton
Norman D. Leebron
Samuel Leibowitz
Sheryl and Fred Lerner
Sarah and Thomas A. Letnes, II
Roslyn and Arnold B. Levin
Irving Levine
Maria W. Leyds
John E. Lincoln
Katharine M. Linnell
Beryl P. Little
Irving Lobel
Kathy B. Flanagan LoCurto and Wayne W. LoCurto
Jean and Douglas M. Loudon
Mrs. Charles J. Lovett Jr.
Susan L. Marihugh-Jantos and Daniel Jantos
Denise U. Martin
Virginia Mason
Mary McCleskey
David J. McConnell
Thomas L. McFarland
Barbara D. and M. Douglas McIIroy*
Edward L. McKenna
Lilla McLane-Bradley
Jayne A. McMellen
Mrs. Thomas R. Miles
Osneyda I. and Mark C. Miller
Everett H. Munger
Robert A. Nerad
Joy Newfield-Gerson
Deborah P. and David A. Nicklas
Matilda Ornest
Ruth E. and David E. Orr
Marybeth Oskowski
George J. Ostler
Gerald L. Paist
Norman C. Payson, M.D.
Helen E. Peabody
Arthur Perell, M.D.
William C. Pinkham
E. Marion Potter
Eloise C. and Baxter C. Prescott
Mrs. Oliver Quayle III
Martina Quellmann
Charles A. Ratte
William F. Rigby, M.D.
Brier A. Roberts
Josephine M. Roche
Karen L. Schabot and Walter H. Garner Jr.
John B. Schempf
Hal S. Scott
Warren Scovell
Carl D. Seglem
Nancy M. and Alan P. Shapiro
Mary and Eugene E. Shapiro
Toby Sherwood
Cornelia C. Sieder
Richard N. Silverman
Robert C. Singer
Myles J. Slosberg
Martia R. and Markwick K. Smith
Ronald H. Smith Jr.
Felcia A. Smithers
Charles Solms III
Marvin Sparrow
Deborah Springhorn
James L. Stam
William Sugarman
Neicy Lynn and A. Lawrence Thorsen III
Ella S. and Scott T. Tippet
Robert M. Toppin
Mary T. Trombly
Joseph V. Vicidomino
Constantine G. Vlahakis
Paul Walp
Deborah Warner
Virginia Webb
Kristin M. Weekley
Carol Weingeist
Emma B. Weisgold
Bert D. Weiss
Robert O White
Joann R. Whitmore
Edith L. Whiton
Mary L. Willey
Kathleen M. Wilson
Arthur K. Wing
David N. Yerkes
Gerald R. Johnson

Corporations, Foundations, and Trusts

Acquavella Contemporary Art
Active Retirement Association
Alexander S. Onassis Foundation
AMCA International Foundation
American College of Surgeons
American Folk Art Society
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.
Banfi Vintners Foundation
The Bingham Trust
Bohen Foundation
Boston Foundation
The Brown Foundation, Inc.
Centerbrook Architects
Charles H. Hood Foundation
Charter Trust Company
College Art Association
Jewish Communal Fund New York
The Cremer Foundation
Dartmouth College
Deloitte Foundation
Douglas S. Cramer Foundation
E. Rhodes & Leona B. Carpenter Foundation
Essex Fine Art, L.L.C.
The Daura Foundation
The Dowds’ Country Inn, L.L.C.
The Educational Foundation of America
Elcon, Inc.
Ernst and Young International
Esther Simon Charitable Trust
Evelyn A. Jaffe Hall Charitable Trust
Fideicomiso Para LaCultura
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
The Fifth Floor Foundation
Friends of the Hopkins Center and Hood Museum of Art
George & Frances Armour Foundation, Inc.
George Frederick Jewett Foundation
Gramm Family Foundation
H.P. Hood, Inc.
Hanover Transfer and Storage, Inc.
Hanover Rotary Club
The Howard Gilman Foundation
Jewett Family Trusts
LEF Foundation
LLWW Foundation
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Manasquan River Golf Club
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
McKinsey & Company
McLaughry Associates, Inc.
National Endowment for the Arts
New Dartmouth Bank
New Hampshire Humanities Council
New Hampshire Potters Guild
Novins York and Petony
Parnassus Foundation
Trustees Cissy Patterson Trust
Pierrepont Associates
Prospero Foundation
Radnor Associates, Ltd.
Regina Gruss Charitable Lead Unitrust
Richard Florsheim Art Fund
Robert and Dorothy Goldberg Charitable Trust
The Roeschmore Foundation
The Rondo
Sabra H. Sanders Fund
Samuel H. Kress Foundation
Sears Roebuck Foundation
Seth Sprague Educational & Charitable Foundation
Shell Oil Company
The Sidney Albert Albany Jewish Community Center
Sondra & Charles Gilman Foundation
Stratus Computer, Inc.
Surreal Holdings, Inc.
Swogger Foundation
Tally Systems Corp.
Tamagni Foundation
The George and Sybil Fuller Foundation
The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc.
The Manton Foundation
New York Community Trust
The Paletteers
The Rockefeller Foundation
United Dominion Industries
Upper Valley Carpet Center, Inc.
Vanguaard Charitable Endowment Program
Vermont Castings, Inc.
Vermont Council of the Arts
Viacom International, Inc.
The Viro Fund
Wexner and Jacobson, Inc.
W.S. Johnston Foundation
Yale University
Xerox Corporation

Gifts of Works of Art

July 1, 2008-June 30, 2009

*indicates current members of the Hood Museum of Art

Patricia and Melvin G. Alperin
Daniel Beltrá
Ann Boeckler
Varujan Yegan Boghosian*
Richard S. Buswell M.D.
Valerie Franklin
Hugh J. Freund Esq.*
Stephen D. Humble
Mark Lansburgh
Stephen A. Lister*
M. Caroline Magenau
Lois Moss Miller
Benjamin F. Moss IV
Jean and Ben Frank Moss III
Jennifer Kathleen Moss
Marion and Robert T. Ober
Dr. Marianne E. Rud
Lillian Russel
Barbara E. Sorini
Estate of Frank Stetz
Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection
G. Scott Walsh*
Roger H. Zanes Jr.

Gifts of Works of Art from 1977 through June 30, 2009

*indicates current Hood Museum of Art members

Anna Achenbach
Edwarda G. Aiken and Robert F. Aiken
Josephine P. Albright
Beatrice and Heywood Alexander*
Eva F. and Arthur E. Allen
Patricia and Melvin G. Alperin
American Academy of Arts and Letters
John L. Ames Jr.
Arthur Amiotte
Paul Anbinder
Roger A. Anderson
Anonymous # 173
Anonymous # 317
Anonymous # 427
Anonymous # 513
Barbara and Lawrence A. Armour
Marilee and Robert E. Asher
Alma B. and Gilbert L. Augenblick
AXA Art Insurance
Anne and Horatio W. Bacon*
Gladys Bacon
Charles Balch
Vera J. Barad
Barbara Bares and Marc F. Efron*
Judith L. and Joseph N. Barker
J. J. Barr
G. A. P. Barral
Lisa and Leonard Baskin
Rosemarie Beck
The Rosemarie Beck Foundation
Katherine Beede
Merrill G. Beede
Claudia Cooley and Lawrence Graeme Bell III
Carol W. Bemis and Judson Bemis*
Norma J. Sandison and Bruce S. Bennett
Eugene L. Berenbach
James A. Bergquist
Mirte Berko
Sophia and Gerald Bernstein M.D.
Jane Greene Bernstein and Raphael Bernstein
Ann and Joel I. Berson *
Jake Berthot
David Bindman
A. Robert Birmelin
Robert S. Black
Otis Blair
Barbara and James A. Block
Marion and Putnam W. Blodgett *
Anthony Blumka
Ruth Blumka
Ann Boeckler
William R. Bogardus and Hal D. Cash M.D.
Marilyn Boghosian
Varujan Yegan Boghosian*
James Bohary
Frances Boness
Arthur E. Bosworth
Barbara Brainerd
Damon Brandt
H. Allen Brooks
Joseph Broude
Kathryn Corbin and Jeffrey R. Brown
Aldis Browne
James L. Brunson
Mrs. James L. Brunson
Ellen M. and William T. Brydges*
Carolyn Bullard and Susan Schulman
Michael Burley
Dan Bush
Judith Byfield
Rosemary and Colin D. Campbell
Mrs. Crawford Campbell
Helaine and Paul S. Cantor
Frieda J. Carnell and Prentiss Carnell*
Ann B. Carter*
Lauren S. and Derrick R. Cartwright
Bernard Chaet
Mrs. Waldo Chamberlin
Robert Chenard
Judith Childs
Robert W. Christy
Polly R. and William S. Clark
Jane Clarkin
Helen T. Cleveland
Carole P. and Richard E. Cocks
Sharon Cohen
Robert L. Coller
Ellen and Theodore R. Conant*
William H. Coulson
Elizabeth E. Craig
Ann and Harte C. Crow M.D.
William P. Curry
Walter C. Curtis
Lewis L. Dail
Robert A. Dance*
W. David Dance
Martha Daura
Carol and Franklin Z. Davidson M.D.
Marianne and Thomas G. Davies
Joseph W. Davis III
Mrs. Gene Davis
William T. Degener
Stuart and Beverly Denenberg
Monroe A. Denton Jr., Ph.D.
Closey and S. Whitney Dickey*
Ellen and Anthony H. Dingman
Vicki Donlan
Michael Dorris
Franklin F. Doten
Greg Drake
Harriet S. Drew
Cynthia and Charles P. Driscoll
Douglas M. Duffy
Lane Dwinell
Nancy and Donald S. Dworken M.D.
Margaret Dyer-Chamberlain and Page A. Chamberlain
Theodor D. Eck
David G. Edwards
Margaret F. Edwards and David M. Green
Celia Ehrlick
Samuel Eilenberg
Margaret M. and Henry H. Erbe III
Lawrence Fane
Mary R. Feist
Natalie E. and John E. Fenn M.D.
Waldo L. Fielding, M.D.
Barbara A. Fildes and Keith P. R. Quinton
Charles H. Flanders
Andrew Forge
Frederick D. Forsch
Mary G. and Reginald Foster
Joanne H. Foulk and Denis G. Kelemen*
Madeline Fowler
Jon Gilbert Fox and Darrell A. Hotchkiss
Valerie Franklin
Mrs. John French
Hugh J. Freund Esq.
Lee Freund
Clifford J. Fuller Jr.*
Walter F. Furman
Kenneth G. Futter
Michael Gallis
Jane Garrison
Elizabeth W. and Mark T. Gates
Sheila C. and Alan B. Gazzaniga M.D.
LaVerne George
Thomas R. George
Ilse Getz
Kathleen and Richard J. Giarrusso D.D.S.
Peter Michael Gish
Charles Giuliano
Ira Glackens
Sara and David R. Godine
Mrs. Robert A. Goldberg
Louis Goldich
Carl Golub
Joan and Harold L. Gordon
Lane W. Goss
Philip H. Greene
Malcolm Greenough
Ruth I. and Alden Guild Esq.
Musa Guston
Sarah and Kenneth Hale
Michael E. Hall
Joel Halpern
Fanny Ham
Serge Hambourg
Jamie and Haim Handwerker
Marybelle Hanna
Hanover Historical Society
Elaine G. and Elmer Harp
Diantha C. and George C. Harrington Esq.
Frank L. Harrington
Frank L. Harrington Jr.
Mrs. Frank L. Harrington
Creighton C. Hart
Janice C. Hart
Katherine Hart
Frank W. Hartmann
Allan Harvey
Emily Harvey
Constance G. and Thomas Herlihy III
George E. Herman
Daniel A. Heyman and Vincent Renou
Allerton C. Hickmott
Orton H. Hicks Jr.
Lesley Hill and Alan Stone
Mildred and Richard D. Hill
Doris M. and Frederic F. Hillier
Arthur R. Hills
Suzanne Hinman and Jeffrey H. Hinman*
Crawford H. Hinman M.D
Peggy and Arthur D. Hittner
Celia M. and Robert B. Hodes
John L. Hoffman
Frank H. Hogan
Irene Hollister*
Judith D. Hood and Charles H. Hood
Cary Russell Huber and John L. Huber*
Robert E. Huke
David S. Hull
Stephen D. Humble
Margaret Fellner Hunt and James K. Hunt
James H. Hunter
Alice Hutchins
Victor L. Johnson
Emily J. and Gerard Jones*
Mary Katherine B. Jones
Clemens Kalischer
John Kane
William R. Keast
Virginia Rice Kelsey and Preston T. Kelsey II*
Mel Kendrick
Mary and Brian Kennedy Ph.D.
Melitta Kern-Hammond
Wan Ryun Kim and Andrew B. Kim
Joan and Remsen M. Kinne III*
Hedy and Kent M. Klineman
Stanley Kogan D.D.S.
Eugene H. Kohn
Judith Kohn
Shelley Kolton
Sarah A. and Werner H. Kramarsky
Edward O. Lamb
Susan Landgraf
Conny Landmann
Frederick E. Landmann
Mark Lansburgh
Catherine C. Lastavica
Vera Lateiner
Edward Connery Lathem
John Kemp Lee
Paula and Mack Lee
Pamela G. and Arnold L. Lehman
Barbara and Irwin R. Levine
Elaine and Gerald D. Levine
Patricia and Robert A. Levinson*
Marina Weitzner Lewin and Andrew E. Lewin Esq.*
Harry T. Lewis Jr.
Herbert Libertson
Elizabeth Linkous
Madeleine Gehrig Lister
Stephen A. Lister*
William E. Little
Drewry E. and Frank A. Logan*
Louis Lomonaco
Longacres Nursery Center
Charles F. Luberger
Bryan J. Lynch
Barbara J. MacAdam
Rilla R. MacAdam
Frances S. MacIntyre
M. Caroline Magenau
Edwin A. Malloy
Susan Malloy
Stephen F. Mandel
John M. Manley
Sandra and Jerry Manne
Blanche and Leo Manso
Edward B. Marks
David T. Martin
Janet and Richard R. Mayers
Brantz Mayor
Elizabeth and Michael B. Mayor M.D.*
Michael Mazur
Patricia McHugh
Frederick R. Mebel
Micaela and Jack Mendelsohn
Christopher Mendez
Hilary B. Miller, Esq.
Lucia Miller
John Milne M.D.
William J. Mitchel
Frank W. Molloy
Montshire Museum of Science
Andrew Moore
Charles W. Moore
Kara Lee E. and Nils S. Morgan
Richard H. Morgan
Rodney A. Morgan
Jean and Ben Frank Moss III
Renate P. Motherwell
John H. Mudie
Kenneth H. Murray
Richard D. Muzzy
Ned P. Nabers
Jenifer Neils
Sylvia A. Nelson and Harry D. Nelson Jr.*
Steve Newman
Bruce H. Nichols
Jane and Victor A. Noel
Tamara Northern
Peter Norton
Joe Novak
Catherine B. and Thomas Nowak
Marion and Robert T. Ober
Jane Oman
Beverly Jane Ornstein and Howard Schatz
Kate F. and Barnett D. Osman
Ellen and Scott M. Osman
Harley K. and Stephen C. Osman
Jeanne S. Overstreet
Pace Editions
Ann Parker
Nancy G. Parker*
Olivia Hood Parker and John O. Parker*
Henry Parkman
Chris P. Paterson
Carol Patten
J. Robert Peacock
Linda and Morton Pechter
Francis R. Peisch
Peter Norton Family Foundation
Elizabeth and DeWitt R. Petterson
David F. Phillips
Marta Phillips
Joseph G. Pollard M.D.
Sue and Bernard H. Pucker
Guido R. Rahr
Maurice H. Rapf
Alexander Reeves
Eric Richards
Joseph D. Richards
Joseph L. Richards
Mrs. Robert E. Riegel
John N. Rines
Katherine Duff Rines
Leandro Rizzuto
Mary C. Rockefeller
Virginia and Ellis Rolett M.D.
Stewart G. Rosenblum
Barbara and Jay Rosenfield*
Si and Dieter Rosenkranz
Barbara S. and Jay E. Rothmeier
Stuart Russell
David C. Ruttenberg Sr.
Rudolph Ruzicka
Elizabeth and Jonathan E. Saadah
Ira Sachs
Frederica L. and Robert M. Sandoe
Larry Sanitsky
Lynn H. Schafran
Marian and David A. Schifani
Mildred and Emmanuel Schifani
William G. Schifani
Robert Schmid
Louise W. Schmidt
Liliane and Edward P. Schneider
Sarah E. Schoenhut
Benjamin Schore*
Karen and Charles B. Schudson
Harry T. Schultz
Mac R. Schweitzer
George T. Shackelford
Mrs. William Shallow
Daniel Shannon
Edward M. Shapiro
Joel Shapiro
Fazal Sheikh
Merle Shera
Mrs. Les Sholty
Daniel E. Siedler M.D.
Patricia and Bernard R. Siskind
Marina I. and Gregory W. Slayton
William E. Slesnick
Susan Small
Hinsdale Smith Jr.
William S. Smoyer
Joan and J. Laurie Snell Ph.D.
Barbara E. Sorini
Constance and Stephen H. Spahn
Margaret E. Spicer
Charles Spurrier
David G. Stahl D.M.D.
Barbara K. Stahl*
Justin A. Stanley
Morris Stein
Ralph Steiner
Joel P. Sternfeld
Frank Stetz
Mrs. Robert N. Stevens
Mary Stewart
Eugene P. Stichman
Richard E. Stoiber
Sidney Stoneman
Lou Stoumen
Leila M. and Melville Straus
Joanne and Arnold Syrop
Janet and John S. Tamagni*
Joseph Tanenbaum
Kathleen Tefft
Jan Tenney
David J. Teplica M.D.
Ann Thomas
Anne W. Thomas
Dorothy Thompson
Lawrence E. Thompson
Virginia V. Thorndike
Ann and Richard Thorner
Lois B. Torf
Hugh Townley
Cynthia Travers
Herman J. Trefethen
Steven Trefonides
Elizabeth S. and David P. Tunick
Ellen Turner
Stanley F. Ungar
David P. Usher
George Vaillant
Eleanor and Heinz Valtin M.D.
Marjorie VanAntwerp
Jan VanDerMarck
Susan S. Vogelsang and Paul R. Treseder
Pamela J. and Peter A. Vogt
Peter Voulkos
Hugh M. Wade
Michele Waldman and Burton Elliott
Berta Walker
Scott Walsh
Robyn Watson
Seward Weber
Susan Weber
Audrey Webster
Catherine D. and Wayne S. Weil Jr.
Jean K. and Adolph Weil
Ron Weiner
Benjamin Weiss
Barbara J. and Thomas C. Wells
Mrs. J. Mattocks White
Robert Whitman
Mrs. Jean L. Whitnack
Marion and Frederick B. Whittemore
Martha and John R. Williams Jr.
Virginia and Gordon R. Williamson
Philip Woffoud
Helen Wolff
Nikolaus E. Wolff
Helen H. and Arthur L. Wood*
Paul Worman
Jeffrey Wortman
Edward J. Wynkoop
Matthew Wysocki
Christina Yang
Constance and David Yates
C. M. Young Fine Prints & Drawings L.L.C.
Roger Zanes Jr.
Ronda and Alan B. Zients M.D.
Margot A. and M. Paul Zimmerman
Tessim Zorach

2008-9 Grant Awards

The E. Rhodes & Leona B. Carpenter Foundation granted $30,800 for their gift of funds to acquire three Japanese prints. The foundation has previously provided support for the acquisition of a number of Japanese woodcuts of high quality and in excellent condition.

The Daura Foundation granted $1,000 for the Modern and Contemporary Art at Dartmouth: Highlights from the Hood Museum of Art exhibition.

Last Updated: 12/10/09