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"Accompanying the eponymous exhibit at Dartmouth College's Hood Museum, this collection of essays is as richly insightful as it is beautifully produced. The originality of the images and interpretations make this catalogue essential to understanding how fully clothed the unclothed body truly is."--Publisher's Weekly, April 7, 2008, review of the catalogue from Black Womanhood

The past year in publications reflected the Hood's goal to make the most effective use of its collections. Orozco's The Epic of American Civilization is now accompanied by a full-color brochure that includes a visual guide to the murals and essays by Professor Mary Coffey and former Hood director Jacquelynn Baas. Audio tours of the murals by Professor Coffey and Professor John Watanabe, and an interview with Dr. Baas about the commission of the murals, are available for download on the Hood and the Dartmouth library Web sites, along with PDFs of the brochure and the mural guide.

The first catalogue in the Hood's series commemorating the permanent collections, American Art at Dartmouth: Highlights from the Hood Museum of Art, traces the American collection from its origins to about 1950. The book--the most important record of the collections and their history to date--was produced with the support of Jon Cohen '60, T'61, and copublished with the University Press of New England. The catalogue featuring the European collections came out in mid-October 2008, and the modern/contemporary and Native American collections catalogues are forthcoming in 2009 and 2010, respectively.

Together with the collections catalogues, the additional 2007-8 publications comprise the latest of our book-length efforts to satisfy the ongoing strategic imperative to accompany every Hood exhibition with a publication. Black Womanhood: Images, Icons, and Ideologies of the African Body reveals how the overlap, synthesis, and intermingling of images, icons, and artistic voices from the nineteenth century to today inform artistic responses to notions about black womanhood. Wenda Gu at Dartmouth: The Art of Installation demonstrates the profound scope of the ongoing united nations series as well as the creation and production of two new works for Dartmouth, from community hair collection to the works' installation and the subsequent local, national, and critical response. The book Sean Scully: The Art of the Stripe (released in September 2008) explores the artist's pursuit of multiple variations on the theme of the painted stripe, bar, and block, elaborating upon the ways in which the stripe has changed throughout four decades of Scully's art making.

In addition to catalogues, the Hood published six Space for Dialogue brochures and several exhibition brochures; four issues of the award-winning Hood Quarterly expanded to sixteen pages; and sixteen new postcards featuring objects from the Hood's collection to launch the Patrons for Postcards program. The Hood also designed a new Hood presentation folder featuring an image derived from the digital animation work, Archive Fever, by MANUAL, a work commissioned by the Hood for its twentieth anniversary in 2005. A matching bookmark presents the Hood's purpose statement and a brief description of the Hood's "Learning to Look" approach to learning about art.

The Hood Web site continues to grow. It now features more detailed information about the permanent collections-especially African and Native American art-as well as downloadable audio files for all museum events, including lectures, gallery talks, and even the entire Saint-Gaudens 2007 summer symposium. The home page was redesigned to direct visitors more effectively, with quick links to every page on the site, a menu bar at the top, and clickable tiles. All exhibition brochures, press releases, and the Hood Quarterly are available for download as PDFs. Interactive panoramic views of all installations are now a standard feature, as are audio files of all Hood programs. Future additions-images and descriptions of all past Hood publications, PDFs of all issues of the Hood Quarterly since 2002, and images of all past exhibitions-will further enhance this valuable educational resource. The site address is a permanent part of our graphic identity and can be found on everything we publish, including catalogues, brochures, folders, bookmarks, business cards, letterhead, banners, advertisements, and shop merchandise.

The exhibition catalogue Black Womanhood: Images, Icons, and Ideologies of the African Body received a starred, boxed review in Publisher's Weekly, and the Hood's American Art at Dartmouth: Highlights from the Hood Museum of Art was one of five finalists in the Bookbuilders of Boston 2008 New England Book Show category of "Professional, Illustrated" publications. The museum's 2007 general brochure received an honorable mention in the "Calendars of Events" category in the national 2008 American Association of Museums Publications Design Competition, where the museum's quarterly took first prize nationally in 2004.

The Hood undertook some strategic consolidation of its publicity, publications, Web, and marketing efforts and has created a new communications team. A search was begun to fill the newly created position of Communications and Public Relations Coordinator, which reports directly to Communications and Publications Manager Nils Nadeau. Present Public Relations Coordinator Sharon Reed will in time transition to the newly created post of Membership Coordinator, with responsibility for membership and all related events.

Last Updated: 10/16/08