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Hood Museum of Art
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

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The Bernstein Study-Storage Center

A visiting lecturer teaches a class in Bernstein.

A Dartmouth College Religion professor examines selected works with her students.

"Some of my most interesting classes have been held in these [Bernstein Study Storage] storage areas, whether looking at the College's holdings of Japanese prints or discussing a panel of the controversial Hovey murals."--Nichola Tucker '08, from Dartmouth Free Press, "Under the Hood," February 8, 2008

The Hood's Bernstein Study-Storage Center is a valuable resource for faculty and undergraduates at Dartmouth. Like all museums, the Hood can display only a small fraction of its collections in the gallery space available. Therefore, the majority of the collection is not on view but can be easily accessed for teaching purposes by faculty members. Faculty can arrange class visits to the Bernstein Study-Storage Center, where a small number of objects chosen by the professor (in consultation with the museum's registrars or the Curator of Academic Programming) are displayed. This facility is also available for students to study works of art selected in the same manner. The study-storage area can accommodate a group of up to twenty students at a time. The presentation of objects in study-storage allows greater and more direct access to the works of art and more flexibility in the way they can be used for teaching. The Bernstein Study-Storage Center was used by 81 classes this year, and 3,626 objects were taken out of storage for study by professors and their classes. Student visits to study storage totaled 1,122.

Learning in the Bernstein Study-Storage Center, 2007-8

"The advantages are to show the students that art it real, that it was made by a real person, that it has three-dimensional quality, that it is valuable but accessible."--Dartmouth faculty member talking about the Hood, published by Randi Korn & Associates, Purpose Evaluation Report, 2008

"We have real access to pieces in the museum. All we have to do is ask to see a Calder mobile and they'll take it out for you . . .You could never do that at the Met."--Melissa Fan '08, Dartmouth Free Press, "Under the Hood," February 8, 2008

Since 1990, hundreds of Dartmouth courses have used the Hood's permanent collections to teach and to learn from in the Study-Storage Center. This past year, they included:

List to come!

Last Updated: 10/14/08