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Hood Museum of Art
Dartmouth College
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A Space for Dialogue

Jessica Hodin ’07, the Levinson Student Curatorial Intern, presents a public talk on her Space for Dialogue installation.

Fresh Perspectives on the Permanent Collection from Dartmouth's Students

New ideas, fresh perspectives, and rarely seen works from the Hood Museum of Art's vast collection of 70,000 art objects are the elements of these dynamic mini-exhibitions produced by our student interns.

2006-7 Space for Dialogue Exhibitions

Picturing Family in "The South": Legacies of the American Civil War
Sophia Hutson '06, Kathryn and Caroline Conroy Curatorial Intern
September 28-October 22, 2006

Images of War
Cristina Duncan Evans '06, Class of 1954 Intern
October 23-December 3, 2006

Frames of Influence: Behavior and Anonymity in Urban Life
Jessica Hodin '07, Levinson Student Intern
December 4, 2006-January 28, 2007
Gallery talk on January 17

The Eye of the Beheld
Caitlin Roberts '08, Student Programming Intern
January 29-March 18, 2007
Gallery talk on February 6

Lines of Text
Jonathan Beilin '07, Mellon Special Project Intern
March 19-May 6, 2007
Gallery talk on April 6

Open to Interpretation: The Experience of Gestural Abstraction
Alexandra Franco '07, The Homma Family Intern
May 7-July 8, 2007
Gallery talk on May 17

"When President Wright handed me my matriculation certificate nearly four years ago, I dreamt of the many things that I would learn and accomplish at this school. However, never did I imagine that I would be able to curate an exhibition in Japanese prints or to speak to so many students about an institution that I have come to love and respect. I am left in awe of the many opportunities that I have had at the Hood to grow professionally and intellectually."
--Su-Ling Lee '07

Past Space for Dialogue Exhibitions, 2001-6

Untitled (Elihu Vedder and Fumio Yoshimura)
Amelia Kahl '01, Curatorial/Programming Assistant

Untitled (relationships between art and war)
Amanda Potter '02, Education Intern

Untitled (Jean Dubuffet and Cornelia Parker)
Allison Evans '02, Curatorial Intern

Untitled (Johann Ender and Louus LeRoux)
Maggie Lind '02, Curatorial Intern

Creating Under Pressure: Artistic Brilliance as a Symbol of Cultural Resilience
Kimberly Soderstrom '02, Class of 1954 Hood Museum of Art Public Relations Intern

Untitled (Stanley Willaim Haytor's engraving series The Death of Hector, 1979)
Carolyn Swan '02, Classical Coin Intern

Untitled (Bill Viola and Carrie Mae Weems)
Laura Tepper '02 and Kathy Grayson '02

An Economy in Transition: Art of the Plains at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
James Parker '02, Curatorial Intern

Consuming Life: On the Ideals of Beauty and Assuming Identity in a Culture of Fear
Paula Bigboy '03, Curatorial Intern

The Power of (Re)Construction: Changing Perceptions of Black American Identity
Mercedes Duff '03, Class of 1954 Hood Museum of Art Curatorial Intern

Spinning a Story: Manipulations of Motherhood by Women Artists
Jourdan Abel '03, Education Intern

Emmett and Cadmus: Looking At/For the Homoerotic Power Struggle
Joseph Ackley '03, Curatorial Intern

Seeing the Unseen: The “Decisive Moment” in Twentieth-Century Photography
Katherine Reibel '03, Public Relations Intern

The Art of Acting from Stage to Screen: Connecting with Audiences through the Centuries
Christopher Chan '03, Classical Coin Intern

Art and Craft: Ceramics and the Question of Form vs. Function
Alison Schmauch '04

Shape and Shadow: How Geometry Shapes Composition and Perception
Kevin Perry '04, Public Relations Intern

Sexes in the City: Exploring Urban Men and Women through Five Centuries of Popular Prints
Megan Fontanella '04, Class of 1954 Hood Museum of Art Curatorial Intern

Timepieces: Perceptions of Natural and Manmade Time
Lisa Volpe '04, Curatorial Intern

Playing Around with Art
Dianne Choie '04, Education Intern

Broken Bodies: Icons of Sexual Violence
Risa Needleman '04, Curatorial Intern

Orientalism: The Art of the French Colonial Encounter
Kathryn Conroy '05, Special Project Intern

Léger, Tanning, and Daura: Sexuality and Surrealism
Rose McClendon '06, Special Project Intern

White Eyes, Black Faces: The Depiction of African Americans by White Artists
Evan Jones '05, Public Relations Intern

Say Word.
Callie Helen Thompson '05, Student Programming Intern

Body (A)part: Fragmentation of the Female Form
Alexis Ettinger '05, Curatorial Intern

Feminine Genius: Sensibility, Sensuality, and Sense in Eighteenth-Century Portraiture
Kori Lisa Yee Litt '05, Curatorial/Education Intern

Relooking at Photographs, Deciphering the Details
Lisa Casey '05

Insatiable Appetites: Curiosity, Consumption, and the Traveler in Historic Japan
Catharine Roberts '05

Reflections on the Mirror
Katherine Harrison '06

Beauty Marks: African Metal Body Adornments
Jennifer Peterson '06

Myth of the Noble Savage
Meghan Rice '06

Sacrilege and Idolatry: Religious Images in 16th-Century Europe
Brittany Beth '06

Last Updated: 10/17/07