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Hood Museum of Art
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

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Burton "Bud" Elliott '48 addresses the Class of 1967 as they prepare to take over sponsorship of A Space for Dialogue.

The Class of 1967 at a reunion celebration in the Kim Gallery.

David and Elizabeth Lowenstein, Hood Director Brian Kennedy, Burton Elliot '48, Class President Samuel Ostrow '67, and Hood Overseer Hugh Freund.

The marquis on the Hopkins Center thanks the Friends for their four decades of support of the Hop and the Hood.

Henry Nachman '51, Tuck '55, last chair of the board of the Friends of the Hop and the Hood, speaks at the June reception honoring the Friends.

Friends of the Hop and Hood raise funds and having fun at the Arctic Adventure gallery scavenger hunt and auction.


Donors: July 1, 2006-June 30, 2007

Gifts for Acquisitions, Endowments, Education, and Other Purposes

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Z. Aliber
Anonymous donors (two)
Parnassus Foundation/Jane and Raphael Bernstein
Betsy Blumenthal and Jonathan D. Root, M.D.
Joseph S. Caldwell III
Brian Catlin
Ming W. and Carol J. Chin
W. David and Jane P. Dance
Dartmouth Class of 1948
Dartmouth Class of 1955
Dartmouth Alumni Club of Los Angeles
John J. Dau
Marc F. Efron
Fidelity Brokerage Services
Friends of Hopkins Center and Hood Museum of Art
Sondra and Charles Gilman Foundation
Patrick Gramm
Nicholas Mira and Kristen Graybeard
Alvin and Mary Bert Gutman
Bonnie B. and Armin B. Hemberger
Katherine Holdsworth and Alex Boyd
Shunichi Homma, M.D. '77, and Yoko Otani Homma
Charles H. Hood Foundation
Charles H. Hood and Judith D. Hood
James K. and Margaret Fellner Hunt
Cornelia C. Seider and Marva Jones
Joseph L. and Anne S. Kagle
Charles M. Liddle III
Drewry Logan
David C. and Elizabeth Lowenstein
Jennifer Root Mayer, M.D.
Microsoft Corporation
Aaron Milrad
Christina G. Graybard and Nicholas F. Mirra
Mt. Roeschmore Foundation Trust
Glenn and Suzanne Phillips
Nancy G. Parker
John O. and Olivia C. Parker
Parnassus Foundation
Honor J. and Christian H. Passow
Jan Seidler Ramirez
Bonnie and Richard Reiss Jr.
Fredrick O. and Linda Roesch
San Francisco Foundation
Benjamin Schore
Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation
Charles M. Sledd
Donald H. Smith
Joseph Smith
Katherine M. Smith
Marilyn H. Smith
David P. Southwell and Barbara Dau Southwell
Michael R. Steinharter
Julia Strickland and Timothy Wahl
Tamagni Foundation
John S. and Janet Tamagni
Barbara Thompson
UBS Foundation
Joseph E. and Aline J. Wankow
Washington Mutual Foundation
Laurie Jean Weil, D.V.M.
Frederick B. Whittemore

New Friends for A Space for Dialogue

For the last six years, the Hood Museum of Art has given the walls in its entrance lobby to its senior student interns for mini-exhibitions drawn from the museum's collections. There have been thirty-eight of these exhibitions since they were first inaugurated by then-director Derrick Cartwright in 2001. Gathered under the title A Space for Dialogue: Fresh Perspectives on the Permanent Collection from Dartmouth Students, each show has been accompanied by a brochure written by the intern. The subjects of these Space for Dialogue exhibitions have ranged as far and wide as the interns' imaginations and the scope of the Hood's very rich and extensive collections. From Consuming Life: On Ideals of Beauty and Assuming Identity in a Culture of Fear by Paula Bigboy '03 to Picturing Family in the "South": Legacies of the American Civil War by Sophia Hutson '06, these exhibitions have reflected brilliantly the intellectual curiosity and critical thinking of an amazing group of Dartmouth students. Ever since A Space for Dialogue began, the Class of 1948 has been the enthusiastic sponsor of Dartmouth's talented student curators. In 2006, the Hood Museum of Art was recognized for this innovative program by museum studies scholar Janet Marstine, who delivered a paper at an ICOM (International Committee on Museums) college and university conference in Mexico City about the Hood’s special role in foregrounding student curatorial and intellectual work in such a prominent place within the museum.

As part of a strategic plan developed under the leadership of current director Brian Kennedy, the museum has sought to strengthen this program for future interns. The director has worked with the Class of 1948 to identify new patrons for this well-received exhibition series. With the support of Hood Board of Overseers member Hugh Freund, museum benefactor David Lowenstein, and class president Sam Ostrow, the Class of 1967 has signed on to be A Space for Dialogue's next sponsor, along with Bonnie and Rick Reiss, Class of 1966, through their new Educational Access Endowment. Bonnie Reiss is also a member of the Hood board. Individual members of the Class of 1948, who have been very committed to this project, will also continue to support it. There was a celebration of the transfer of the baton from the Class of 1948 to the Class of 1967 and Bonnie and Rick Reiss at the time of the Class of 1967's fortieth reunion on 12 June 2007.

Class of 1967 Donors for A Space for Dialogue

Paul K. Ayars Jr., M.D., and Geni G. Ayars
C. Peter and Brenda B. Bankart
Robert Baraff, M.D.
John M. Benzian
Charles T. and Linda Berry
Wayne C. Beyer
William R. Bogardus
Lawrence P. and Sharleen Bowen
William B. and Marilyn Bowers
Ethan M. Braunstein, M.D., and Susan Braunstein, M.D.
Robert A. and Maria E. Burka
Edward W. Campion, M.D., and Margaret Campion
R. Stephen Cheheyl Jr. and Maureen Cheheyl
Warren C. Cook and Louise B. Cook
Frederic J. and Linda Cowan
J. Andrew Danver III and Jean Danver
Dartmouth College Class of 1967
Robert H. Davidson Jr. and Elizabeth Davidson
William S. and Georgia L. Eggeling
Jack M. and Marianne Ferraro
John C. Foley
Hugh J. Freund
Joseph and Beth Furstenthal
Frederick W. Geissinger
John B. and Deborah Gormly
Richard D. and Karen Grefe
Jack B. and Frances Harris
Keith W. and Ann Meyer Hazelwood
Charles R. and Janet Hoeveler
John and Amy Isaacs
Craig M. and Mary Lou Jackson
Thomas R. and Joy Jackson
Edwin L. and Rita Johnson
Wayne E. and Beverly Jean Johnson
William H. Judd III
John C. and Marsha Kelly
William M. Kettyle, M.D., and Cynthia N. Kettyle, M.D.
Paul K. and Joyce C. Killebrew
John L. and Kristin Kronenberg
Robert R. and Sandra Kugler
Richard P. and Joy Lacey
Charles B. Langley and Jeanne S. Pash
Richard F. LaRoche Jr. and Gloria LaRoche
Harold McIver Leich
Ronald I. and Karyl M. Lemberger
Thomas A. Letnes II and Sarah Letnes
Andrew J. Ley and Carol P. Searle
John R. Lobitz and Rosanne McCarthy Lobitz
Hamilton Lokey Jr., M.D.
David C. and Elizabeth R. Lowenstein
Edward and Theresa Mallett
John T. and Susan Manaras
A. David Mangelsdorff
Robert E. Mark
Ronald H. and Helen H. Martin
Charles J. Matuszak, M.D. and Constance Matuszak
Lawrence B. McArthur Jr. and Doraleen McArthur
John K. and Charlene R. McPherson
Stephen S. and Deborah Melnikoff
Bruce A. and Ellen S. Miller
Frederick J. and Gail Moore
Ronald W. Mortara, M.D., and Marianne Mortara
Dale P. Murphy, M.D., and Jacqueline Murphy
Alloune P. and Jutta U. N’Dao
Samuel D. and Judith Ostrow
V. Bruce Pacht and Lori A. Fortini
Fredric D. and Ann S. Price
Robert W. Purvis Jr., M.D., and Consuelo Purvis
Ellis A. and Sally A. Regenbogen
William J. Reilly and Dianne Brock
William L. and Theodora Reynolds
Charles A. Riley, M.D., and Elizabeth Riley
David B. and Carol Sclove
Howard F. and Jill E. Sharfstein
Ronald P. Silvi
Mark K. and Donna M. Sisitsky
Robert S. Smith and Janet F. Huseby
A. Lawrence Thorsen III and Neicy Lynn Thorsen
Edward I. Walkley II, M.D., and Kathryn Walkley
John H. L. Wasson, M.D., and Gail Wasson
Lyndon D. Waugh, M.D., and Sherry Waugh
William E. and Elaine Whitaker
Phillip H. White, M.D., and Zella M. White
Michael A. Wolff and Patricia B. Wolff, M.D.
Thomas C. and Kathryn Elaine Woodruff
Charles F. Yeagle III, M.D., and Nancy Mary Yeagle

2006-7 Grant Awards

Bildner Endowment for Human and Inter-group Relations at Dartmouth College
The Fannie and Alan Leslie Center for the Humanities at Dartmouth College
E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation|
LEF New England

Gifts of Works of Art

Anonymous gift
Varujan Boghosian
Joseph Broude
Bernard Chaet
Monroe A. Denton Jr., Class of 1968
Director of the Hood Museum of Art
Charles P. Driscoll, Class of 1956
Margaret Trevisani Erbe, Tuck 1989, and Henry H. Erbe III, Class of 1984
Harry A. Franklin Family Collection
Hugh J. Freund, Class of 1967
Philip H. Greene, in memory of his wife and co-collector, Marjorie B. Greene
Serge Hambourg
Lesley Hill and Alan Stone, in memory of Jeffrey D. L. Wortman, Class of 1967
John Kane
Estate of Fannie and Alan Leslie, M.D., Class of 1930, Medical School 1931
Ellen and Scott Osman, Class of 1980
Harley and Stephen Osman, Class of 1956, Tuck 1957
Kate and Bart Osman, Class of 1990, Tuck 1996
Nancy Parker
Jonathan Sa'adah
Howard Schatz and Beverly Ornstein
Gregory Slayton, Class of 1981
David G. Stahl, Class of 1947, in honor of Peter and Edith Milton
Ann Thomas
Anne W. Thomas, in honor of Howard Thomas
Richard Thorner, Class of 1986
Paul Treseder and Susan Swenson Vogelsang, Class of 2007P, in honor of Roberta Rice Treseder and Guy Andrew Swenson, Class of 1942
Berta Walker
Ron Weiner
Robert Whitman
Virginia Williamson, Class of 1962A
Courtesy of Pace Editions, Inc. and the artist [Fred Wilson]
M. Paul Zimmerman, Class of 1955

Lathrop Fellows, 2006-7

James R. and Brooke B. Adler
Robert Z. Aliber
Peter B. and Kirsten Bedford
Richard J. Blum and Harriet L. Warm
Walter F. and Constance Burke
Russell L. and Judith M. Carson
Dale C. Christensen Jr. and Patricia L. Hewitt
Robert and Marilyn T. Clements
Jonathan L. Cohen and Allison Morrow
Robert Dance
Rodney F. and Carol DuBois
Dr. Donald S. Dworkin, M.D., and Nancy Dworken
Marc F. Efron and Barbara Bares
Anne C. Feighner
Theodora L. Feldberg
James W. and Virginia M. Giddens
W. Patrick Gramm and Jennifer Adams Gramm
Alvin P. and Mary Bert Gutman
Pamela J. Joyner
John A. Hargraves and Nancy S. Newcomb
Robert L. and Kristy L. Harteveldt
Frank C. and Maryellen Cattani Herringer
Robert A. and Karen Hoehn
Charles H. and Judith D. Hood
Rev. Preston T. Kelsey III and Virginia Rice Kelsey
Remsen M. Kinne III and Joan Kinne
Robert A. and Patricia Levinson
Andrew E. Lewin
Charles M. Liddle III
Stephen A. and Madeline G. Lister
Barry L. and Mary Ann S. MacLean
Lucretia L. and Peter B. Martin
William H. and Sally Neukom
Thomas F. O’Neil III
John O. and Olivia C. Parker
David B. and Beverly Payne
Ray L. Powers Jr.
Andrew K. Rayburn
Bonnie F. Reiss and Richard Reiss Jr.
Frederick A. and Linda Roesch
Henry M. and Shirley R. Sanders
Benjamin Schore Katherine Duff Rines
David P. and Barbara Dau Southwell
Richard A. and Judith A. Steinberg
Melville and Leila Strau
Gail Wasson
Robert S. and Virginia Weil
Robert A. and Gretchen S. Wetzel
M. Paul Zimmerman

The Friends of Hopkins Center and Hood Museum of Art

For over twenty years the Friends of Hopkins Center and Hood Museum of Art has actively promoted the arts at Dartmouth College and in the surrounding region. The primary focus of its dedicated members has been to support arts education for area children and their families. Each year, the Friends also give a Friendship Fund award to an exceptional area teacher who meaningfully and creatively integrates the arts into his or her curriculum. Funds have been derived from memberships and Friends-sponsored events such as the Big Apple Circus picnic, the Book and Author program, wine tastings, exhibition tours, and the annual Celebration of the Arts dinner and auction. As a result of the remarkable success of the Friends organization and the need for educational and fund raising efforts specific to the unique perspectives and opportunities of the Hopkins Center and Hood Museum of Art, the Friends has been transitioned into two membership programs. The Friends Board of Directors was invaluable in promoting and effecting the change and continues to be engaged with the new programs.

Friendly Adventure Raised Funds

In February, members of the Friends of Hopkins Center and Hood Museum of Art gathered at the museum for an intriguing and eventful fundraiser aptly titled Arctic Adventure. Attendees journeyed through the Hood's permanent collections and special exhibition Thin Ice on a treasure hunt. At the extremely successful auction, it was announced that part of the funds raised would go toward the purchase of a print by Inuit artist Simon Tookoome. The remaining funds will support the many engaging outreach programs at the Hopkins Center and Hood Museum of Art.

Friends Volunteer List

Ginia Allison
Elaine Ball
Patricia Baxter
Charlotte Bimba
Ellen Brydges
Helena Burdge
Sophia Crawford
Marguerite Collier
Debby Cromwell
Sue Richardson Daniels
Lyn Davies
Ann Davis
Martha Davis
Linda Dooley
Judy Elliott
Isabelle Farmer
Julia Fifield
Nan Green
Barbara Haak
Tom Hall
Joan Hartwell
Christine Hauck
Yvonne Herz
Kate Hewitt
Mary Ann Holbrook
Caroline Hosmer
Ellen James
Evelyn Kaiser
Laurie Karlen 
Joyce Killebrew
Mary Ann Lewis
Rosemary Lindenthal
Drewry Logan
Jan Lovelace
Irene McArthur
David Milne
Nancy Mitchell 
Henry Nachman
Sylvia Nelson
Allan Newton
Barbara Newton
Phyllis Orem
Judy Oxman
Nancy Parker
Donald Penfield
Mary Quinton-Barry
Marcus Ratliff
Donna Reilly
Sue Richardson
Peter Rutledge
Flo Peet Scholl
Fran Sherley
Lynne Stahler
Marion Swogger
Suzanne Talbot
Jo Tate
Gordon Thomas
Pat Thomas
Ella Tobelman
Viola Torkelson
Susan Valence
Heather Vogel
Beverly Wakely
Norman Wakely
Betsy Wakeman
Lynne Whitacre
Joanie Whiting
Steve Whitman
Sybil Williamson|

Friends Staff

Trudi Brock, Friends Office Manager
Betsy Wakeman, Friends Office Assistant

Last Updated: 11/5/08