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Hood Museum of Art
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

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Harrington Gallery

Installation of Art and/as Violence in the Harrington Teaching Gallery.

The Hood presents teaching exhibitions drawn from its permanent collections once or twice each term in the Harrington Gallery. This gallery was designated for teaching exhibitions in 1990, and since that time the museum has organized 76 exhibitions on such diverse subjects as Northwest Coast Native American art, the history of photography, African textiles, Japanese prints, American political prints, ancient art, paintings and prints for teaching basic design, Melanesian art, mathematics and art, and contemporary art. These exhibitions are a collaborative effort between a museum staff member and a professor. Professors assign students a paper on one or more of the objects or ask them to give a talk on an object to other class members. Sometimes students enrolled in the class are involved in choosing the objects and writing the labels as well.

Teaching Exhibition in Harrington Gallery, 2006–7

Art and/as Violence
December 2, 2006–March 11, 2007
Harrington Gallery

In many ways, art seems to be antithetical to violence. It is striking, therefore, how often artists have in their work engaged with violence, including physical and mental abuse, the brutalities of war, and man’s overpowering sense of helplessness in respect to the violence of natural phenomena. This exhibition asked whether artistically mediated violence numbs, shocks, or transforms, and how and why art can be seen to merge with brutal emotions, gestures, and performances. Displaying works from the Hood’s rich collections, this exhibition explored the topic of violence in art produced between 1500 and the present. It was selected by Adrian Randolph, Leon E. Williams Professor of Art, and Angela Rosenthal, Associate Professor of Art History, in conjunction with their introductory course on the history of art.

This exhibition was generously supported by The Harrington Gallery fund.

Learning in the Galleries, 2006–7

  1. African and African American Studies 43/Religion 50: Indigenous African Religions
  2. Anthropology 1: Introduction to Anthropology
  3. Anthropology 3: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  4. Anthropology 4/ Native American Studies 10: Peoples and Cultures of Native North America
  5. Anthropology 7: First Year Seminar in Anthropology
  6. Anthropology 18: Introduction to Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology
  7. Anthropology 22: Prehispanic Civilizations of Mesoamerica
  8. Anthropology 44: Globalization from Above and Below
  9. Anthropology 38: Peoples of Oceania
  10. Art History 1: Introduction to the History of Art I
  11. Art History 2: Introduction to the History of Art II
  12. Art History 17: Abstract Expressionism
  13. Art History 20: The Art of Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East
  14. Art History 48: Gender, Race, and Politics in 18th-Century Visual Culture
  15. Classical Studies 1: Antiquity Today: An Introduction to Classical Studies
  16. Dartmouth Medical School: The Art and Craft of Medicine
  17. Environmental Studies 1: Humans and Nature in America
  18. Environmental Studies 7: First Year Seminar in Environmental Studies
  19. Environmental Studies 15: From Pole to Pole: Environmental Issues from the Earth’s Cold Regions
  20. French 8: Exploring French Culture and Landscape
  21. French 10: Introduction to French Literature: Paris et Province
  22. Geography 1: Introduction to Human Geography
  23. Geography 25: Social Justice and the City
  24. Geography 41/Women and Gender Studies 37.2: Gender, Space and Islam
  25. Italian 55: Humanism and Renaissance
  26. Native American Studies 10/Anthropology 4: Peoples and Cultures of Native North America
  27. Native American Studies 42/ Women and Gender Studies 46: Gender Issues in Native American Life
  28. Philosophy 23: Philosophy of Art
  29. Religion 4: Religion of Israel: The Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)
  30. Religion 50/ African and African American Studies 43: Indiginous African Religions
  31. Religion 58: The Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israelite Archaeology
  32. Spanish 54: Spanish Poetry of the Renaissance and Baroque
  33. Studio Art 15: Drawing I
  34. Studio Art 16: Sculpture I
  35. Studio Art 20: Drawing II
  36. Studio Art 25: Painting I
  37. Studio Art 30: Photography II
  38. Studio Art 76: Senior Seminar I
  39. Studio Art 77: Senior Seminar II
  40. Theater 1: Introduction to Theater Studies
  41. Theater 30: Acting I
  42. Writing 5: Expository Writing
  43. Women and Gender Studies 7: First Year Seminar in Women and Gender Studies
  44. Women and Gender Studies 37.2/ Geograpy 41: Gender, Space and Islam
  45. Women and Gender Studies 46/ Native American Studies 42: Gender Issues in Native American Life


Last Updated: 10/15/07