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Hood Museum of Art
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

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Bernstein Study-Storage Center

An art history class studies in the Bernstein Study-Storage Center.

The Hood’s Bernstein Study-Storage Center is a valuable resource for faculty and undergraduates at Dartmouth. Like all museums, the Hood can display only a small fraction of its collections in the gallery space available. Therefore, the majority of the collection is not on view but can be easily accessed for teaching purposes by faculty members. Faculty can arrange class visits to the Bernstein Study-Storage Center, where a small number of objects chosen by the professor (in consultation with the museum’s registrars or the Curator of Academic Programming) are displayed. This facility is also available for students to study works of art selected in the same manner. The study-storage area can accommodate a group of up to twenty students at a time. The presentation of objects in study-storage allows greater and more direct access to the works of art and more flexibility in the way they can be used for teaching. The Bernstein Study-Storage Center was used by 107 classes this year, and 4,939 objects were taken out of storage for study by professors and their classes. Student visits to study storage totaled 1,390.

"Having used study-storage for every single one of the courses I have taught, I can't say enough how valuable it is and how unusual it is for students and faculty to have such an unobstructed access to works of art in the collection."

--Mary Coffey, Assistant Professor, Art History

Learning in the Bernstein Study-Storage Center, 2006-7

Since 1990, hundreds of Dartmouth courses have used the Hood’s permanent collections to teach and to learn from in the Study-Storage Center. This past year, they included:

  1. African and African American Studies 87/ Art History 17: The Harlem Renaissance
  2. Anthropology 7: First Year Seminar
  3. Anthropology 24: Civilizations of Ancient Egypt
  4. Anthropology 38: Peoples of Oceania
  5. Anthropology 47: Hunters and Gatherers
  6. Art History 2: Introduction to the History of Art II
  7. Art History 7: First Year Seminar on Pompeii
  8. Art History 16: Modern Art in Mexico
  9. Art History 16: African American Art
  10. Art History 16: The Arts of India
  11. Art History 17/African and African American Studies 87: The Harlem Renaissance
  12. Art History 17: Abstract Expressionism
  13. Art History 20: The Art of Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East
  14. Art History 48: Gender, Race and Politics in Eighteenth Century Visual Culture
  15. Art History 60: The Arts of China
  16. Art History 65: Japanese Prints
  17. Art History 70: The Social History of North American Art, Part I
  18. Art History 71: The Social History of North American Art, Part II
  19. Art History 86: Senior Seminar in Art Historical Methods and Practice
  20. Classical Studies 1: Antiquity Today
  21. Classical Studies 6: Introduction to Classical Archaeology
  22. Classical Studies 7: First Year Seminar on Constantine
  23. Classical Studies 7 First Year Seminar
  24. College Course 10: The Performative Body
  25. Comparative Literature 33/ Theater 18: Modern Drama I
  26. Comparative Literature 64: Literature and History: Metaphors in the Making
  27. Dartmouth Medical School: The Art and Craft of Medicine
  28. Environmental Studies 80: Sustainable Agriculture
  29. French 23: Introduction to French Literature II: Neoclassicism and the Eighteenth Century
  30. History 96/ Native American Studies 81: American Odysseys: Lewis and Clark, Native Americans and the New Nation
  31. Italian 55: Humanism and Renaissance
  32. Native American Studies 81/History 96: American Odysseys: Lewis and Clark, Native Americans and the New Nation
  33. Philosophy23: Philosophy of Art
  34. Sociology7: First Year Seminar on Hurricane Katrina
  35. Spanish 7: First Year Seminar
  36. Spanish 20: The Spanish Language: Advanced Training Through Contemporary Spanish Culture
  37. Spanish 31: Introduction to Hispanic Literature II
  38. Spanish 57: From Romanticism to Realism: Spanish Intellectuals and the New Bourgeois State
  39. Studio Art 15: Drawing I
  40. Studio Art 25: Painting I
  41. Studio Art 27: Printmaking I
  42. Studio Art 29: Photography I
  43. Studio Art 30: Photography II
  44. Studio Art 65: Architecture I
  45. Studio Art 77: Senior Seminar II
  46. Theater 10: African Theater
  47. Theater 18/ Comparative Literature 33: Modern Drama I
  48. Women and Gender Studies 7: First Year Seminar
  49. Women and Gender Studies 25: Women and Gender in Africa: Historical Perspectives


Last Updated: 10/15/07